Without Fear or Favor, by Robert K. Tanenbaum

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Entry twenty-nine to the bestselling series featuring Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi may be the best one yet.  Intense, dramatic, well developed, it is one that grabs you from the start and will not let you go until you reach the final page.

On the Streets

A riotous crowd waits outside the office of District Attorney, Butch Karp for his decision.  Either way, there is bound to be trouble.

A police officer is shot down after a simple game of basketball.

A supposedly unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a police officer.

A group similar to the Black Nationalists believes more violence should occur in a move toward a black nation.

Who will be charged? The protestors outside want to know if the police will get off once again, as they believe usually happens.

In the next scene the target is Karp himself.

That is only the beginning of Without Fear or Favor, the latest Karp/Chiampi novel from Robert K Tanenbaum. What happens next will have your head turning in a double take.

As the story goes travels back and forth several months prior, it becomes an intricate plot that is both fascinating and frightening. You can trust the research is solid when done by Mr. Tanenbaum.

It reflects part of the tangle that contributes to both cause and effect in racial tensions and the police force. The youth who are manipulated and coerced by both violence and peer pressure, the desire for belonging, the fear of not conforming. The violence that is found in the community leads to increased danger to law enforcement. Some police react in fear, some for other reasons. There are some who over react In both cases. There are far more good.

News reporter Vansand is anticipating his big story whatever happens. He’s willing to do anything, including providing a voice to a dangerous cause. It exposes again how easily the media can manipulate a story, a fact that should concern everyone.

To The Courtroom

Robert Tanembaum is also a master of the courtroom. He makes the preparation, the detail, even the jury selection, fascinating in its clarity. He builds his case as he does the tension, all the while showing Karp as more and more likable.

A well done novel will usually stay in your mind once finished, leaving you pensive. This surely has that quality. As we see the news today, many of us wonder how things have gotten to be worse Instead if better. Now I wonder how big a part the media has played.

You will find a complex, twisting mystery. Cops are being killed, people incited to riot violently. Is the purpose a cause, or is it something simpler than that, something like greed or power? Or revenge?

Don’t Miss This One

It is a hard-to-put-down novel you will be glad you read. The story gives an effective view of both sides. Very well written and tied together, much like the trial itself. layer by layer, step by step, to an exciting conclusion.

Without Fear of Favor is book 29 in the series!  Every entry in the Karp/Chiampi series gets better and better. That says a lot since the very first one was so good it drew me to read or listen to the entire series. It is easy to read the novel as a stand alone, so do get this one. Then see if you don’t find yourself wanting more.

About The Author

Robert K. Tanenbaum is the author of thirty-two books—twenty-nine novels and three nonfiction books: Badge of the Assassin, the true account of his investigation and trials of self-proclaimed members of the Black Liberation Army who assassinated two NYPD police officers; The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer; and Echoes of My Soul, the true story of a shocking double murder that resulted in the DA exonerating an innocent man while searching for the real killer. The case was cited by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren in the famous Miranda decision.

He is one of the most successful prosecuting attorneys, having never lost a felony trial and convicting hundreds of violent criminals. He was a special prosecution consultant on the Hillside strangler case in Los Angeles and defended Amy Grossberg in her sensationalized baby death case. He was Assistant District Attorney in New York County in the office of legendary District Attorney Frank Hogan, where he ran the Homicide Bureau, served as Chief of the Criminal Courts, and was in charge of the DA’s legal staff training program.

He served as Deputy Chief counsel for the Congressional Committee investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He also served two terms as mayor of Beverly Hills and taught Advanced Criminal Procedure for four years at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and has conducted continuing legal education (CLE) seminars for practicing lawyers in California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tanenbaum attended the University of California at Berkeley on a basketball scholarship, where he earned a B.A. He received his law degree (J.D.) from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley.

Visit RobertKTanenbaumBooks.com.

Praise for Robert Tanenbaum’s Legal Thrillers:

“Butch [Karp] is doing his courtroom dance, making fools of the smug politicians he believes were behind the murder. Tanenbaum shines in these positively balletic moments…[a] reliable thriller.” —Booklist

“Those outraged by how the government handled the 2012 debacle in Benghazi will find a lot to like.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readers will find a well-constructed novel, including solid courtroom scenes. Prosecutor Butch Karp…is a talented and likable hero…conservatives will likely love the tone of [Fatal Conceit].” —Kirkus

“ONE HELL OF A WRITER.” —New York Post

“Butch Karp is the best fictional prosecuting attorney in literature. . . . Tanenbaum is a phenomenal attorney and a remarkable storyteller: It is almost unfair to the rest of us. . . . Outrage grabs you at the outset and astonishes at each page . . . Riveting.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Lane

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