Wired, by Julie Garwood

Entertaining Romantic Suspense

Julie Garwood has been a bestselling author of romantic suspense for many years now. Wired, her just released new novel has been long awaited.

Series readers get spoiled. When we find a series we love, we expect a new entry every year or so. This one was delayed for a couple of years, so it was a pleasure and a relief to learn Wired was available.

The Buchanan FBI Series

The latest in her series revolving around the FBI and a growing collection of family and friends, Wired brings us new lead characters that once again are connected to Alex Buchanan.

A leak within the FBI is exposing agents to danger. None of the specialized agents can find the hacker. That is the subject of the novel, definitely a hot topic.

FBI agent Liam Scott, has heard of Allison Trent—and her skill–from different sources. She is a phenomenon on a computer, quickly detecting patterns in codes. Once he sees what she can do he knows she is the one they need.

Allison wants to avoid all law enforcement since a few of her online excursions could land her in prison. Until they offer her a way out that she cannot resist. The story is an entertaining trip into computer hacking, without overwhelming the reader with too much computer speak.

While hunting dangerous hackers, Allison faces other immediate issues. Her family invades the story with their abusive, misleading relationship, and someone steals a secret software program she has created.

In spite of her secure and private way of life, her actions cause multiple people to come after her. How can Liam protect her when it is unclear from what direction the threat will emerge?

As always in Ms. Garwood’s novels, the characters are a pleasure. Likable, strong, independent characters, moving forward through any problems. As Liam and Allison, find each other harder to resist, their relationship adds romance and humor.. Very well done dialogue, whether flirty or serious, makes a fast light read. It’s natural and flowing.

Admittedly, with Ms. Garwood and most romantic suspense novels, there is a satisfying and happy ending. It makes the story an easy listen that will have you smiling and thoughtful at the same time.

In Audio

I enjoyed Wired in the audio version. Narrator, Saskia Maarleveld, is excellent. She does the voice changes very well, for both Allison and Liam, along with the other characters. The story—and narrating—move along at just the right pace. I’ll be looking for more books narrated by Ms.Maarleveld.

A fan of romantic suspense? Pick up a copy of this one. You will enjoy it. If you want to read others in the series, the first was Heartbreaker. It’s a loosely connected series, so you can read them in any order if you like. You will enjoy the personalities of each. Below is a list of the books in the series in case you want to choose your next one.


Wired  July, 2017
Fast Track  August 2014
Hot Shot  August 2013
Sweet Talk  August 2012
The Ideal Man  August 2011
Sizzle  January 2010
Fire and Ice  January  2009
Shadow Dance Jan 2007
Slow Burn September 2004
Murder List September 2004
Killjoy  September 2002
Mercy  September 2001
Heartbreaker July 2000

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