In The Waning Light, by Loreth Anne White

Remembering The Past

Award winning author, Loreth Anne White, has a hit with In The Waning Light. Both the characters and the setting draw you in the suspenseful tale. The small town of Shelter Bay, on the oft foggy Oregon coast, makes it easy to absorb the secrets held within the town.

The book is considered a romantic suspense, so besides the mystery, there is an past love who is still in town. Meg and Blake were in love decades earlier before her sister’s murder. Their attraction is still there. Now a bestselling true crime writer, Meg is back, both to face the truth and to write her sister’s story.

Injured herself at the same time her sister died, Meg has been unable to remember what happened since that night. Returning brings flashes, some difficult to face, some so fleeting she fears she is imagining them. Still the more she remembers the more someone else wants her to remain quiet.

The Audio Version

I received this book through Amazon Prime Reading. It was a plus that it was available in audio too. The story is narrated by Tanya Eby, a favorite of mine. She narrates so well, with an easy-listen voice that always keeps me tuned in. Her variation for voices is well done as well. You can listen to a sample of the book and Ms. Eby’s narration here.

The story kept me listening all day, with just enough tension and twists to make me want to know. The ending definitely surprised me. I’m looking forward to more books by Ms. White. If you like mystery suspense, you will enjoy this one.

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