Two Kinds of Truth, by Michael Connelly

The Best of Bosch!

It may be with slight bias that this review is written. Anytime you follow a series you get attached to the character and the author. So as I first hit the play button to listen to Michael Connelly’s latest, I knew I would enjoy it.

Still this may be the best Harry Bosch thriller yet. It’s even more impressive when you consider it is the twentieth book in the series. It continues to get better and better.

Harry Bosch is one of the best homicide detectives around, well known for solving the toughest cases. Yet he is often embroiled in some conflict within the department where he works. If you’ve followed the series, you’ll know the many positions Harry held before retiring from the L A police force.

Mr Connelly knows his character so well he seems to slip into his mind easily. Hearing what Bosch is thinking, his struggles to do the right thing—often far beyond what the job requires—has you feeling the discouragement, the tension, the sense of it never being enough. It becomes clear how the years on the force affect the individual.

In this entry to the series. A killer Harry caught two decades ago seeks a new trial because of new evidence, putting the detective ‘s reputation on the line. At the same time Bosch is called to work on a double homicide. Both parts of the novel are fascinating. With careful detail the author lays out each.

To add to the pleasure, Mickey Haller, Harry’s half brother, will be the attorney who will defend Bosch and his reputation. You may recognize Mickey from the Lincoln Lawyer, another book (and series) from Michael Connelly.

In Audio

Narrator Titus Welliver is perfect for the voice of Bosch. He sound just as you would expect, usually controlled and to the point. It’s just right. The pacing is very well done as well. He moves the story along at just the right speed. As soon as I finished the audiobook, I relistened to it. Excellent! Wouldn’t mind a third listen as I write this.  Here is a sample so you can hear for yourself.

Two Kinds of Truth is a solid stand alone, so don’t wait to read (or listen to) this one!  The entire series is wonderful. If you have a chance I suggest you read them in order so you can see the connections and relationships have developed and changed over his years on and off the force. Find out why fans can’t wait for more.

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