Trap The Devil, by Ben Coes

Not To Be Missed!  Book 7 In The Dewey Andreas Series

Ben Coes is one of my top five thriller writers. His complicated plots, non stop action, and strong characters are a big part of the reason for that. His knowledge of the political scene is amazing.

Always intense, his novels will keep you turning pages late into the night. Trap The Devil fits that description well.

A secret team was formed 3 decades earlier to provide more protection for the president. Today few know they still exist. Now their leader has expanded their purpose into that will change world power if successful. Government officials are starting to die. Then a bomb destroys an FBI installation. What will happen next?

Dewey Andreas

After Dewey Andreas’ last assignment he is recovering both physically and mentally. Forced to see a psychiatrist, his past–and his reactions to it–play into the plot, but will it help or hinder?

In the midst of this, his boss, Hector Calibrisi, sends him to France with the Secretary of State hoping to keep Dewey on less active duty while he recovers.

Of course, when you get to know Andreas, you know he usually finds himself right in the middle of trouble one way or another.

When the Secretary of State is killed, Dewey is quickly the prime suspect for his murder. The French are determined to keep him locked up, in spite of top U. S. officials pressing for his release. Since help is not forthcoming, Dewey manages to escape on his own, now on the run while he hunts for the woman he believes responsible.

Readers know how capable Andreas is in every circumstance. Still, you have to feel a little bad for Dewey. International news of his escape means he is out there, running from the police, but also an ‘open season’ target for everyone who has wanted him dead. With his past assignments, there are many.

It’s an enthralling race, some after Dewey himself, others after the woman he seeks. All the while there is so much more at stake than those few. Someone is after control of the United States government, far closer than anyone could imagine.

The Author

Ben Coes is a clever, talented author. Among the best of suspense thriller writers. His very first novel, Power Down, is still one of my all time favorites books, one I like to read every year.

The author has created a very likable, multifaceted character, with many strengths but also weaknesses, those mostly from tragic events in his past. Dewey is very well developed, as are the other characters that regularly appear in each of the books.

Mr. Coes manages to conjure up very wicked protagonists as well, usually power hungry, and hate filled, all with complicated plans. The back story in this one, the build up as the purpose is exposed, from person to person, layer by layer, draws the reader in deeper with every page.

The ‘thriller’ descriptors all apply. Fast paced, intense, twisting, complex, well researched… All you could want in a political suspense thriller.

In Audio

Listening to each of the books in the series has been wonderful. Peter Hermann is a favorite—he is excellent, but I’m happy to say that Jay Snyder was very effective. You can listen to a sample here.  Since I couldn’t put the book down, it was a huge bonus. It allowed me to keep listening for hours at a time!

In whatever format, Suspense thriller readers will love Trap The evil and the whole series. If you want to see how it started, please do begin with Power Down. Such a fantastic beginning.

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