The Lightning Stones, by Jack Dubrul

What a Ride!

I’d been a fan of Jack DuBrul since he began cowriting with Clive Cussler for the Oregon Files series.  It’s a favorite, bestselling series, that is always a fun and exciting read.

So when  the opportunity arose  to listen to Mr. DuBrul’s newest novel, The Lightning Stones, I was delighted.

The book did not disappoint!  What an action adventure/thriller.  You will find murder, chase scenes, floods, explosions, horrendous lightning strikes, caving in very high altitudes, and much more.  You move quickly from scene to scene, and nearly every one of them is a risky, if not deadly, experience.

The Philip Mercer Series

The novel is the 8th in the Philip Mercer series.  Mr. Mercer is not a typical hero.  That is he is not a police detective, a private investigator, an FBI or CIA agent, or a member of the military.  He is a geologist. Well, that and a mining engineer.  So how does a geologist come to be a clever and effective hero?  Apparently through a lot of experience dealing with bad guys.

In this book the bad guys are very good. Or at least the main man is.  It seems they are always one step ahead of Mercer or right on his tail with all the help they need to stop him.  Nevertheless, Mercer steps up to the challenge and charges on.  That doesn’t mean he evades them, but he does live to fight again.

The goal they all seek are long missing crystals that may change the earth’s temperature.  What isn’t realized is that it might destroy the earth instead.

Listening in Audio

I preordered the book through Audible.  It was a wonderful listen with Scott Brick narrating.  He’s the same narrator that reads Clive Cussler’s books, so if your heard any of his, you will be predisposed to enjoy this one too.  Mr. Brick’s voice is so easy to listen to—I highly recommend it!

You’ll learn a bit of history, some geology and mining facts, and some new rescue methods that might come in handy one day.  You will find your heart rate quickening at times, as you go non stop from excitement to fear to danger and back.  What fun!

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Vulcan’s Forge

If you haven’t read Mr. DuBrul, I suggest you change that now.  This was such a pleasure that I’m going back to the beginning to start with Vulcan’s Forge, book one of the series.  Care to join me?


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