The Fugitives’s Trail, by J. C. Fields

A Killer on The Run

A man being closely escorted out of a building takes out his two guards, killing one and incapacitating the other before he flees.

When FBI agent, Sean Kruger, arrives at the scene he has more than the usual questions. The first, why is he even there? It’s a local matter. Why would his boss assign him to this case? Why are witnesses changing their stories? Is the missing man a killer or might he have acted in self defense?

For the moment, that doesn’t really matter since he is gone leaving no trace–at all. How can you find a man who has no past?

Adding complexity to an already twisting suspense, the readers will find

  • A large corporation who specializes in leveraged buyouts.
  • Political influence which reaches into the military.
  • Suspects who are apparently invisible, at least in official files.

Sean isn’t only after the man. He is also determined to find the truth. The more he learns about the events of that day, the more he believes something is wrong within the company. How far would they go to stop their secrets from being revealed?

From Hunted to Hunter

The closer the answers get, the more dangerous the hunt. The F.B.I. isn’t alone in the search. Others are after the man as well. As they stay one step behind Sean, people begin to die. Will Sean be one of them?

The characters are well defined—good guys and bad.

Sean is very likable, a solid guy who will dig for the right answers.

Joseph, a former associate, comes to his aid with information. Joseph now operates a more discrete business, using not just the strength and training of former military, but also high tech skills that include hacking.

JR Diminski is the missing man. He has a story to tell that will shock the F.B.I.

In Audio

It is an easy book to listen to, but be sure to pay attention. The story and the action moves quickly, each character with their part to play. I like the way it’s written and narrated, methodical, to the point, at times like a police procedural. It makes it that much more interesting to follow. The dialogue is natural and cohesive, believable.

Narrator Paul J McSorley reads each book in the series so far. He fits Sean Kruger well. Do listen to the sample here to see for yourself. You’ll enjoy the audiobook so much.

Uncovering crime within big business could offer a lifetime of stories for the author. Once you read this one, you will be pleased to know the series continues. Book two, The Assassin’s Trail,  brings back both Sean and JR Diminski.

Book three, The Impostor’s Trail,  is said to be the best one yet.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.  I’m looking forward to reading (or listening) to more!

Author JC Fields has definitely got a bestselling series here. It will be most intriguing to see where it goes next.

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