The Steel Shark, By Rebecca Cantrell

Book Four in The Joe Tesla Series

One terrific read!  Once again, Rebecca Cantrell has upped her game with the latest Joe Tesla novel. The Steel Shark takes Joe to international levels right from the start as a team of women steal a new, advanced submarine in North Korea. For what purpose remains to be seen.

Our favorite agoraphobic, Joe Tesla, has progressed too. Still not able to face the outdoors, he has managed to take up scuba diving—and trained his therapy dog, Edison, as well. Love that the loyal and protective lab gets to go along even diving. It gives the story a fascinating new world for the reader to explore with the pair. As long as he stays underwater, he is fine. Surfacing is another matter.

What happens when the two plots collide? Both literally and figuratively, they do, leading Tesla on a hunt for an unknown submarine. It doesn’t take long though, before someone has hired a killer to remove him from any investigation.

A Near Death Accident Or?

When the unknown sub crushes a mini sub and nearly destroys Joe’s during a mini submarine race, it puts Joe right in the middle of a conflict. Officials want to blame him, others want to kill him. Bodyguard Vivian, who was nearly killed in the submarine attack, is with him in the hunt. In spite of her anger, she will stick with him no matter where his search leads him. Where it does lead will have you on the edge of your seat.

It is a very exciting, twisting read, made all the more so because of Tesla’s inability to be outside. Ms. Cantrell handles the details of it so well, you will feel you are there with him in the tunnels, below the sea and above.

Just grab a copy and see for yourself. It reads quickly, partly because you can’t put it down. Between the tension, the fear, the connection of man and dog, and the multitude of trouble they get into, it’s always a thrill from page one.

The Series

Every time a new novel in the Joe Tesla series is released, I can’t wait to read or listen to it. The fondness for the characters–both man and dog, the cleverness of his movement about his underground, indoor world, his longing to once again feel the sun and the rain, all make for a very unique character. A brilliant man, it’s difficult for him to accept his weakness. So he continues to fight it. The author includes intriguing details into his underground life, details that force you to consider how well Tesla manages and how difficult it would be.

While I read this book through Kindle, I’ve enjoyed the rest of the series in audio. Jeffrey Kafer, the narrator is terrific, the pacing excellent, the tone giving you a feel of the subdued life. Very well done! I am already looking forward to the audio version to re-listen once it is available.

If you haven’t read a Joe Tesla novel before you can start with any. They are easily stand alone novels, but I still think you would enjoy starting with the beginning of the series, The World Beneath.  I promise, you will enjoy getting to know the unique cast of characters.

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