Stalking Ground, by Margaret Mizushima

The Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries Continue

Police Detective Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner, Robo, return for another suspenseful mystery in Stalking Ground. Continuing her “Timber Creek K-9 Mystery” series featuring the two, you will find yourself cheering them on once again as they hunt for a killer.

Fellow officer Ken Brody calls Mattie back to work urgently. His girlfriend is missing. The search for her leads Robo and Mattie up the Colorado mountain into a snowstorm, only partly prepared for what they find. The woman has been murdered.

Who and why anyone would harm her drives the investigation. As you might expect, first suspects are former acquaintances and boy friends. But what if that is wrong?

As the investigation begins, Cole Walker and Mattie are developing a closer relationship. Cole, the local veterinarian, is dealing with issues of his own. A valuable horse is mysteriously sick, and not responding well to treatment. His girls are growing more independent and more in need of his attention at the same time.

With precision the author brings all of the parts together into a fascinating story that will have you anxious to know the resolution. Throughout, Robo is on task, happily working when needed, always ready for the next assignment. The relationship between the two is inspiring. The skills of a well trained animal, the bond between woman and dog, their loyalty to one another makes for such a positive read.

It isn’t all light however. Mistreatment of animals is alway hard to take. While Ms. Mizushima handles it well—it isn’t graphic, you still will hurt for the animals. It does lead to an exciting conclusion.

In Audio

It’s a great read—or listen. Once again I listened to the book narrated by Nancy Wu. It is very well done, and an easy listen. Since it was a story I wanted to stay with, the audiobook helped with that! It is always a benefit to be able to listen while driving or walking, etc.  You can listen to a sample of the audiobook here.

Next in the series is Hunting Hour.  It’s already in my cart. Always delighted to read of a working dog (or any dog actually), the series is pretty irresistible to me. Give it a try. You’ll enjoy it too.

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