Silent Lies, by Kathryn Croft

Who Will You Believe?

Looking for a twisting, intense novel to wrap your mind around? Then you won’t want to miss Silent Lies.

Mia Hamilton lost her husband, five years ago to suicide, after he is accused of murdering one of his students. Mia was left to face the fallout of what he did.

Years later, Mia and her daughter are doing their best to have a normal life. Working as a counselor, Mia is dating a man named Will, raising her daughter Freya,

Until one day a new client, a young woman named Allison Cummings, tells her in their first appointment that Mia’s husband did not commit suicide.

Silent Lies is a tension filled drama that will have you questioning everything that is revealed. The flawed characters are introduced through their own voices, as author, Kathryn Croft, lets each tell their own story. Flashing back to when and where it all started, then forward to Mia, the counselor, trying to help Allison while once again facing what her husband did.


Allison and Josie, assigned roommates at university, have an uncomfortable relationship. Disliking each other intensely while forced to live together brings its own tension and anxiety. The reasons run deep, their attitudes not so much. The dissatisfaction between them makes each quite unlikeable at times. How Zach is drawn into their lives is well described.


With her head spinning, Mia must find the truth, even though Allison denies what she said. Is Allison capable to telling the truth about what really happened that night? How does one process the grief of losing a spouse when what you believed is all wrong?

Wicked Twists

Filled with complexities reminiscent of Gone Girl, it’s a book that will captivate you. Several clever twists lead to the shocking finish. It is a solid conclusion if not completely satisfying.

I have to admit I was concerned when I first started the audiobook that the personalities of the characters would make it a hard book to enjoy. Very soon I was drawn into the plot to the point I couldn’t stop listening.

From Audible

The audio version produced by Audible Studios was fantastic. The narration was perfect for the story. Co-narrated by Antonia Beamish and Rosie Jones, the story became still more dramatic and realistic. With a different narrator for Allison and Josie especially, it defined the two and showed their flawed personalities.

The pacing is excellent, filled with appropriate tension and drama.. The differences in their voices, brought made you feel you were there with them. It made it a wonderful book to listen to through Audible. Listen to a sample here.

However you read Silent Lies, don’t miss this one. See if you can guess just how the story might end. Ms. Croft is an author to follow. Must read more!

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