Silent Child, By Sarah A. Denzil

Definitely A Page Turner!

Author Sarah A Denzil has crafted an exciting and fast paced thriller in Silent Child. It will grab you from the start.

A flood is endangering the small town where Emma Price lives with her young son Aiden.

When she struggles her way to his school to get him to safety, she is told he wandered outside into the wet. He is not found, presumed drowned, leaving Emma devastated. That is only the beginning of this frightening tale.

A Decade Later

Ten years later, that same boy, now a teen, wanders out onto a road, injured. Where he has been—and what has happened to him– remains a mystery. Unable or unwilling to speak, he leaves both the police and the family to put together what happened. He was taken, but why? By whom? Those questions drive his mother to find the person who took Aiden.

Intensity runs throughout the book. Each clue brings additional twists. You can feel the unspeakable fear grow, while you wonder at the actions of several near to the family.  Could it be someone close? Her husband? The ex-boyfriend and father of the boy? A friend? Another family member?

There is enough guilt to go around, though not necessarily for the expected reasons. It appears that nearly everyone connected has secrets they want to remain hidden. Shock comes with every new revelation, yet still young Aiden doesn’t speak.

From Audible Studios

I received the audiobook from Audible. It’s so well narrated by Joanne Froggatt. The tensions, the fears, the hope and the anger come through so clearly in the audio. The narrator’s accent makes for a lovely listen as well. The voice variations and the timing were well done, especially the voice of the desperate mother. You can listen to a sample of the audio version here.

Silent Child was selected Thriller of the Year at Audible, which will also assure you of a remarkable suspense thriller.

Once again, Audible made it much easier to stay plugged in, while shopping, driving, baking. I’m so glad, since I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

I admit I was concerned the subject matter might be too dark for my liking, but it was well written in the novel. Explicit details aren’t included for the most part, and what happened then isn’t dwelt on as much as how he was able to survive. You can imagine what happened, but it isn’t spelled out.

Instead it was an excellent, tightly written book, that kept the pressure on both characters and readers (or listeners) as each page was read. The author’s skill at blending the details together for a surprising ending was impressive.

I’ll be looking for more books by Ms. Denzil. Suspense, mystery, complex plots…She definitely has it all going for her.

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