The Seventh Sun, by Kent Lester

The Seventh Sun is a fast paced suspense thriller that still has me feeling the apprehension it presents. The tension included grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

Dan Clifford

Dan Clifford, prediction scientist, is a tech wizard who has created a program that will predict weather two weeks out, as well as possible seismic events. Taking a dive vacation before the IPO, Dan literally bumps into a dead man, underwater, hooked on the coral. Returning from vacation he finds his life—and career—inside down.

Rachel Sullivan

Rachel Sullivan, a marine biologist, is on an research project has found strange growth in the ocean. When she learns a colleague is missing, her team goes in search for him, bringing her specialized equipment with her on her ship.

Both find themselves in a small town in Honduras, revisiting the site where the body was found. What they see there on the sea floor begins a race to find the source of a deadly virus.

People acting abnormally, murdering each other…a deadly transformation to the peaceful town. Is it retribution or something wrong, something sinister?

Lots of tense moments are found in the pages, especially in a scene deep underwater where Rachel and Dan are trapped and falling into an abyss. It’s so well described; the fear, the urgency, the speed…

Can It Be Stopped?

So many parts to a complicated puzzle. How all the events connect becomes the mystery. Smart, savvy characters. not heroes, just knowledgable people determined to find answers before it is too late.

The combination of political influence, major IPA offering, references to the ancient ’seventh sun,’ and a ruthless group with their own deadly agenda. Yet do any of them really know what they have done?

It’s very complex! So many different paths to investigate, and the speed quickens as the outbreak spreads. When the CDC thinks they have the outbreak under control, another breaks out, different yet fatal. It goes far beyond that, right up to the startling ending.

From Audible

The narrator is great! he reads at just the right speed. Daniel Thomas May handles the voice variations clearly, making it easy to distinguish each. Even accents are well presented. Nice voice to listen.

It’s a fascinating novel! There is so much more that could be said, so many more threads that travel through the story. You will have to read or listen to it for yourself. Adventure, science, suspense, and even a touch of romance combined into a terrific story.

One suggestion; set aside a good amount of time when you are ready to start! You won’t want to stop.

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