Repressed, by Elisabeth Naughton

Memories Can Be Deceptive…

A long ago murder has haunted Samantha Parker and Ethan McClane since it happened, each for a far different reason. They both left town, never expecting to return. The small town of Hidden Falls has suffered from it as well. So when Sam returns to help her ailing mother, it’s no surprise that her nightmares come back as well. But are they bad dreams or pieces of memories from the past? A young boy murdered, a woman missing. Are they connected?

Ethan, now a doctor, has returned for another reason, to help a troubled boy.

There are secrets in that town that surround Sam. There is the man who expect to become the senator, the Police chief who is a long time friend, and the women who is so hostile to her. All people from her past, friends, people she trusts.

It all goes back to nearly two decades ago when a boy was murdered. At the same time, a woman goes missing. And Sam has nightmares. Or does she? Could they actually memories that need to be revealed?

Secrets kept. Some more serious than others. Some that are deadly. Strange connections still pull the characters together. Samantha may see them as friends, but one of them is a killer.

Unless she and Ethan can uncover what happened–then and now–they could be the next victims.

The Author

Elisabeth Naughton writes very effective romantic suspense. Each book I have read by her has been highly entertaining. Character surprises–or shocks, complex plots, well portrayed suspects, and a bit of draw between them that makes the two characters still more likable.

Repressed is book one in the Deadly Secrets series. Book two, Gone, was released in January of 2017. It’s in my cart right now. Ms. Naughton has written well over a dozen novels, including the popular Eternal Guardians series.

In Audio

The audiobook version of Repressed was a pleasure. Narrator Amy Landon has a wonderful voice. The pacing as she read, the suspense included as well as distinguishing the voices, were all very well done. You can listen to a sample here, to see if you don’t agree.

Either way, pick up a copy and try an Elisabeth Naughton mystery. You will be very glad you did.

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