Presidents’ Day, by Seth Margolis

The Manipulator

Could one powerful man put a president in office? With all the fanfare, all the advertising, all the expense of running for office, is it really possible?

That is what you will be wondering as you read Seth Margolis’ latest political thriller, Presidents’ Day. You may even be convinced.

After the recent presidential election cycle, it is easy to imagine the candidates, vying for the party nomination. Many coveting that spot. You can see these days too, how possible (if not probable) it is that each candidate has a secret that could cost him the election if it were to come out.

Next, consider one man holding each of their secrets, perhaps even manipulating them. In today’s tech world evidence can easily be created, photos altered, records changed, situations directed.

The Victim

Thus Julian Mellow plans to choose the next President of the United States.

There is only one man who might have the knowledge to bring down Julian Mellow. Zach Springer.  Zach was already a victim of Mellow’s manipulation.  It cost him everything. It made him nearly unemployable. All based on a lie. It was a move that refocused Zach’s life. Now he finds it hard to get Julian out of his thoughts.

Adding further intrigue is the reason behind the activity of both. Revenge? Justice? Obsession? While so often it is about power, is it the goal here? Or is power simply the means to carry out his plan? Is the line between vengeance and justice so thin?

Not only does Julian have plans for the presidency, but for the small nation where his son was killed.

It’s a thoughtful story as well as intense.

What Would You Do?

You will consider your own reactions. Most of us support justice, but is there often a subtle desire for revenge mixed in? Righteousness perhaps? Do we let it unconsciously direct our actions?

In a fast moving, intricate plot, the author draws the reader along with hair raising moments. Mr. Margolis is quite good at that. A few times I was holding my breath, wondering if scenes could really play out as expected. Other times I wanted to argue with the characters.

The dialog is smooth and concise, the descriptions clear and well done, and the characters, both right and wrong (or good and bad) well developed and realistic in their actions and responses.

While this was the first I’ve read of Seth Margolis, I’m looking forward to reading more of his work. Presidents’ Day is an excellent suspense thriller!

Touring With Seth Margolis

We are delighted to be a part of Presidents’ Day  book tour, hosted by TLC Book Tours.  Do stop by some of the other stops on his tour.  You will be glad you did.

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About The Author:

Seth Margolis lives with his wife in New York City and has two grown children. He received a BA in English from the University of Rochester and an MBA in marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business Administration.
When not writing fiction, he is a branding consultant for a wide range of companies, primarily in the financial services, technology and pharmaceutical industries. He has written articles for the New York Times and other publications on travel and entertainment.

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