Pandemic, by A. G. Riddle

It Begins With Only One

Think of it….a pandemic or plague that might kill millions all begins with a single person. Incredible to consider that disease can spread around the world, yet it does.

That appears to be the case in A. G. Riddle’s Pandemic. In this exciting novel, we begin with only a few that are infected. From that very first stage, the book realistically demonstrates its spread.

In Alaska, an unidentified submarine is found sunk, 100 miles to the north. A dangerous scientific find aboard the deadly ship.

In Africa, when two Americans become ill, alerts are sounded. Led by the chief epidemiologist, Peyton Shaw, CDC scientists head to Kenya where they believe another ebola virus may be the cause. What they find is worse. It is not ebola, but something even more deadly.

Meanwhile, Desmond Hughes awakes in a hotel room to a dead man in his room, and no memory. Quickly on the run, he needs answers to who he is and why he was there. All he has is his name and a slip of paper.

Connections Within Connections

Who is he? Good guy or bad guy? It appears he is involved with an unsavory company who seeks power over people and governments. Wha part has he played?

The story surprised me—in a good way. A great read/listen was expected, of course, but there is far more than a pandemic happening in the book. There is also a complex mystery surrounding Desmond, whose life is revealed in pieces as missing memories jolt back to him at unexpected moments.

He know he must learn the answers quickly, if he can survive long enough to find them.

His past and present intertwine with Peyton Shaw. Other players also have a past with him; Avery, rescuer or a plant? His partner Connor, old friend–or is he? The way the many paths connect in the past and the present is intriguing to watch.

The goal of each character is shaded. Can Desmond trust anyone? The choice he makes carries the weight of world decimation.

From Audible

Pandemic is a fantastic book to listen to in audio. It’s so exciting and suspenseful. The narrator of any audiobook can make the story come alive. Edoardo Ballerini reads this one with his expected skill. Well known and very popular as a narrator, he takes you into the story from the start. You don’t think about the narration, it simply suits the story. Great voice for an easy listen, and his variation for the voices keeps each clear as you listen.

It is a terrific novel. Book one, at least, is not so much apocalyptic as it is the mystery behind the spread of the new epidemic. There is far more behind this outbreak Mr. Riddle develops well defined characters. I appreciated how he revealed the past of the characters. First when Desmond tells of his loss of memory now, then in flashback, as he describes his difficult childhood to Peyton.

A G Riddle is the bestselling author of The Atlantis Gene, the first book in the Origin Mystery trilogy. The story continues in Genome,  released in October of 2017. Will there be a third? Many of us will be waiting to know the answer to that.

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