No Good Deed, by M. P. McDonald

It Was Only An Old Camera

Want a suspense thriller that will keep you awake at night? I suggest you get No Good Deed.  What an exciting story!

A young photographer gets caught up in an investigation that nearly costs him his life. In this frightenly realistic story the reader gets a view of what might happen when someone is suspected of terrorism.

The Story

Mark Taylor happens on a very old, unique camera at a little shop while traveling in the Middle East. He can’t resist it—literally or figuratively. But once he uses it, a few of the pictures on a roll of film come out to be something entirely different. Something he did not photograph. The scenes are of disasters and/or accidents—that will happen the following day. Unless he stops them.

It isn’t easy to explain to authorities how he knew to be there, but he saves many lives as a result. Until one day after saving a baby, instead of being thanked, he is arrested.

All his declarations of innocence are ignored. No one, including his girlfriend, believe him. The end result begins a horrifying time for Mark. You will be horrified too. While we may hope the words are created from the author’s imagination, the descriptions we read seem very plausible. I don’t want to give too much away, though it is hard not to if you are to know more of the story.

An experience such as Mark’s leaves scars, inside and out. How does one recover from his ordeal? Can he?

Could You Ignore It?

Once back, still facing disbelief, he longs to throw the camera away. Yet he can’t. When he finally does pick it up again, he is nearly too late.

It is hard to imagine how one would feel after experiencing what Mark goes through. It is less hard to picture the anger and hatred he would feel. The author does well reflecting that in his characters. You feel the tension within the characters, the challenges they must overcome.

In the end, it will be up to Mark Taylor. Will the anger overpower his need to do right?

This was my first book by M P McDonald. The description including a camera that gives you notice of something that will happen sounded intriguing. While it definitely was—there’s no end to where that could lead—it was Mark and his experience that kept me turning the pages.

Once finished, it was a nice surprise to realize it is already a series. Mr. McDonald has several books out featuring Mark Taylor and his camera. Book two is already in my cart. It seems important to see how the photographer progresses in the future. Of course, it will depend what the camera reveals.

In Audio

I listened to the book through Audible. It was very well done, with much of the emotion and urgency showing through. Narrator, Daniel Penz, is excellent as Mark. He differentiates the characters clearly too. I hope you will listen to a sample here.

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