Night and Day, by John Leslie

Key West P.I. Gideon Lowry Returns

Night and Day is the second book in the well done Gideon Lowry Key West Mysteries series. The first, Killing me Softly introduced Gideon. You can read my review here. I enjoyed Book Two even more than the first.

Reminiscent of Chandler, author John Leslie has created a character you can’t help but enjoy.  Gideon Lowry is the determined, low-key private investigator. In between investigations, he has a gig playing piano at a local hangout several nights a week.

That is where Asia finds him. The mysterious young rock star hires Lowry to find her estranged husband. The night he is murdered.

Hemingway House

it’s the week of Hemingway’s birthday. In a setting where the famous author lived, writers haunt the island always, but even more arrive for the celebration. Coincidentally the murder victim appeared to be imitating his life both in his actions and in his writing.

Was the Hemingway book he was completing the cause of his death? Is something even deeper going on behind the scenes in Key West?

Seeking answers to a growing number of questions, Lowry takes it clue by clue, interfering with the local police force while helping them at the same time. Our lead character is likable, loyal, and intriguing, with s background that draws you in. A recovering alcoholic, he has the mental and emotional package that goes with it.

The author takes you to Florida, to the Keys, the rundown old town and to the newer tourist hotels. He is descriptive and colorful. There is something about Florida that makes it almost a character in itself, a living entity. It breaths into the story its history, the culture, the heat. Just as a character is developed in a story, so is the state. You will sense the warm heavy air, appreciate the breeze when it stirs, smell the scents wafting from the sea.

The Audio Version

So glad to see more of John Leslie’s novels coming out in audio version. Night and Day was another selection that was very well done in audio. David Wood’s narration suits the character and the story. He handles a variety of voices very well, distinguishing each as fits the character. His pace of reading is just right, steady as as you might expect the PI to think and talk. He has s voice that makes listening easy.

The series is very entertaining and one I plan to continue. You will too once you start. Each is a stand alone novel, but it is always interesting to follow the character from the beginning. If you prefer that, do start with Killing Me Softly. You will enjoy Night and Day either way.

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