The Neon Lawyer, by Victor Methos

Terrific Suspense

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? If so you may already be aware of their new kindle Prime Reading.

That is where I ran across this terrific story. The Neon Lawyer, by Victor Methos is one of the books available there.  It even includes audio—always a favorite personally. It is not very long– less than five hours–but managed to pack a lot of tension and suspense into those pages. Well done!

The Story

Brigham Theodore gets his law degree at a reputable college, if not an ivy league one. That sounds promising, but it still takes him some time to find a position. Not what he expected.   One day he finds a job.  The next he its assigned his first case–a murder.  A woman has killed the man who kidnapped and murdered her daughter.

The story is so well written, with a main character you will cheer on. His associates are well drawn as well, along with very impressive courtroom drama. Politics, “favors” or bribes, influence, all play a part.

The question ultimately? Can an attorney survive as an idealist?

The Audio Version

If you get a chance listen to this one.  It is so well done. Nick Podehl, narrates with the perfect speed and tempo. A popular narrator, he has a great voice for the characters.   You can listen to a  sample here

Author, Victor Methos, has written over forty novels that include  several series. The Neon Lawyer is the beginning one series. Perhaps the best known is the Jon Stanton series, beginning with White Angel Murder. You will also find the Plague Trilogy.

Mr. Methos is a criminal defense attorney who has led over 100 criminal cases. His reputation for writing includes gritty, dark, sometimes violent, complex thrillers. This first in the Neon Lawyer series is a wonderful demonstration of that. Lots of suspense and thrills packed into its 178 pages. It’s a treat to get involved in a story and be quite satisfied at the end besides.

Do try one, if you haven’t as of yet.  I’m so looking forward to the next one, to see what Brigham’s future holds.

Kindle Prime

If you aren’t aware of Kindle Prime, it will be one more plus for Amazon Prime. There is a good selection of books in many genres. Some in ebook format only, some with audio included free, and others with audio available for just a couple of dollars. You can find it on your Prime page. Take a look and explore. You are bound to find something you would like to read.


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