The Naturalist, by Andrew Mayne

The Science of Murder

A mystery is much like a puzzle, each piece adding to the complexity of the whole. When you add in a unique method of finding answers it becomes even more fascinating. Forensics did that for us, as does a bit of the paranormal sometimes.

Mathematics, entomology, so many fields can contribute a new angle. That is only one of the reasons this novel was so entertaining.

In The Naturalist, we meet Doctor Theo Cray, biologist, scientist. A quiet man, not exactly worldly. Doctor Cray specialty is bioinformatics, which combines computative science and biology.

A woman has been murdered. A woman Theo knew. He’s first a suspect–after all he was nearby–until it’s determined to be a bear attack. While the police are willing to close the case with that knowledge, Theo has his doubts. Blending together his skills and knowledge with that of his computer program, he explores far more possibilities. What it shows himis startling and frightening.

There are many missing people in the area that may also be victims.

It may seem far fetched but every day we see systems designed to find solutions. That makes it so entertaining to speculate. Imagine the computer finally able to direct law enforcement to bodies or to criminals.

Theo is not the typical hero, yet he is charming and determined. Following the way his mind thinks, what it reveals, how the science he know so well lends itself to the problem, makes for a fun and fascinating mystery to read.

From Audible

I listened to the audio version of The Naturalist from Audible. Loved it! The narrator, Will Damron, kept the story moving well. The characters voices were distinguished. He did slightly slow, but you can always speed it up some. I enjoyed it so much I know I will be listening to it again.  Listen to a sample of the narration here.

It is a wonderful complicated mystery that I highly recommend. Once you read or listen to it, you will also be glad to know there is a second book coming that will feature Theo.

Book Two:  Looking Glass

Looking Glass is scheduled for release March 13, 2018. In it, Theo looks for a missing child, leading him to the Toy Man.

Sounds like another entertaining thriller. It is in my cart now.

This could be the beginning a fascinating long term series.

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