Murder in Vail, by Judy Moore

The Downside of Wealth

Christmas is drawing near in Vail, Colorado, as Sally Braddock’s children begin to arrive. The billionaire widow finds herself reflecting more and more on how they’ve squandered their lives and their 20 million-plus inheritances. Spoiled, wasteful, and clueless as to making a living.

Oddly, none of them seem happy except perhaps Sally–when her children aren’t nearby.  Still, she will attempt a peaceful, happy visit.

That doesn’t last long with the attitudes of her children.  At her limit, angry and frustrated, she tells them all of her plan. She is donating the majority of her billions to charities.  No more money will be given to any of them.

That very night one of them dies. It won’t be the last.

The author does well depicting the off-putting children–and spouses. All  are fairly unlikable. The reason for Sally’s frustration is clear too. Haven’t most of us wanted to enjoy Christmas without anger and upset?

Tension grows quickly as a severe snowstorm blankets their mountaintop estate, stranding them there–with one of them a killer.   Secrets, lies and misdirection cloud the search for the solution. Add in the several unexpected twists, and you will be set on reaching the surprising conclusion.

Murder in Vail is a fairly short book at just over 200 pages, quick reading and entertaining, all set in the beautiful mountains of Vail.  It’s one you will enjoy.

The author, Judy Moore, has a widespread background from college professor of Journalism, to feature writer, to tennis pro.  Several of her books are set in sporting scenarios, such as this one and Somebody Killed the Cart Girl.  It should be fun to see where her next book will take us.  Enjoy!


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