Meet Jane Larson, of “Weave A Murderous Web”

An Interview by Anne Rothman Hicks and Kenneth Hicks

A few days ago, we were pleased to publish our review of Weave A Murderous Web, the latest book from the charming authors.  If you haven’t read it, you will want to pick up a copy to meet Jane Larsen, the featured character of the authors’ popular series.

The book was a delightful, twisting mystery, with all the thrilling elements one enjoys in a big city mystery.

We were pleased when the co authors agreed to write an article about their character.  Little did we know that they would actually provide an interview with Jane herself.  It is the best way to get to know Jane a little better.  Sometimes there are secrets a character might be willing to reveal.

You will enjoy their interview.  Thank you again Anne and Kenneth for catching up with Ms. Larson.

And now, direct from the authors themselves…

An Interview with Jane Larson

Anne: We’ve invited Jane Larson back for another interview. She’s the main character in our Jane Larson series of mystery/suspense books, Weave a Murderous Web, Mind Me, Milady, and Praise Her, Praise Diana. She’s waiting outside at the moment.

Ken: Yeah, our first interview with her went so well, we couldn’t wait to have her back. Not!

Anne: Shhh. She’s coming in.

Ken: Welcome, Jane! It’s so nice of you to come back and be with us again. Welcome! Welcome!

Jane: (to Anne) I think your partner has lost his mind.

Anne: It’s certainly among the missing. But we haven’t given up hope.

Ken: Hey!

Jane: Calm down, big guy. What do you have for me today. I’m due at a deposition in forty-five minutes.

Ken: We wanted to ask you a few questions about your relationship with Martha.

Jane: Martha? What for?

Ken: What for? It’s an interview. At interviews, some people ask questions. Other people answer questions.

Anne: It allows our readers to get to know you a little better. That’s all.

Jane: Okay, so what kind of questions?

Anne: Well, for example, why did she insist that you always call her “Martha” instead of “Mom” or “Mother”.

Jane: You’ll have to ask her that. Of course, she’s been dead for a few years now.

Ken: (Whispering to Anne) I told you. She’s a pain in the rear end!

Jane: Okay, okay. Sorry. But this is personal stuff. And I actually never asked her why, so…”

Ken: That’s a cop-out.

Anne: Really. You must have thought about it.

Jane: Isn’t it obvious?  She didn’t want to be pigeon-holed by a male-dominated society. She fought against that her whole life. To her mind, she was a lawyer named Martha, fighting for her clients. She was not a homemaker. She was not just someone’s “mom”.

Anne: So she had a busy law practice?

Jane: Are you kidding? She was 24/7. Her office was downstairs in the same building where we lived. Most of her clients were women who worked or had children, so she was incredibly flexible for them. She would meet them any time of the day or night. Sometimes a woman who was abused did not have a place to stay, so Martha let them stay with us. Sometimes they had their kids with them.

Anne: What was that like for you?

Jane: It was weird sometimes. When I was twelve, she had a party for me with a cake and all, and there were two people staying with us, a woman and her daughter. But they sang “Happy Birthday” and it was okay. One of them even gave me a little gift. A silver ring. It cost next to nothing, but…

Anne: Are you okay?

Ken: I think she’s crying.

Jane: I am not. I got something in my eye, that’s all.

Ken: Here’s a tissue.

Jane: Thanks, Ken.

Anne: You were saying about the ring?

Jane: Yeah, I still have it. I wear it around my neck, along with a ring that Martha always wore. It reminds me of…of the family. The family that consisted of all the people Martha helped in her life.

Anne: It must have been hard for you at times.

Jane: There were definitely times when I would have liked her to close the door on the office downstairs and get a regular job, so I could have her all by myself. Just for a few minutes a day, to feel that she was not ready to run out at a moment’s notice.

Ken: Didn’t you ever go away on vacation?

Jane: Hah! Martha’s idea of a vacation was to go up on the roof if the weather was nice. Even then, she left a sign in the office window telling clients where they could find her.

Ken: Wow.

Anne: How did that make you feel?

Jane: Sometimes, lousy, but mostly very proud…very proud.

Ken: Do you want to take a minute? (Hands her another tissue).

Jane: Thanks, but I’m okay. Here’s the thing, I knew she was busy, but I also always knew that what she did was important. She was working for the greater good. Her whole life was about doing good.

Ken: Very cool.

Jane: And there is something else I want to be clear about. There was never a moment when I felt abandoned, or on my own. I always knew that if I needed her she would drop everything and be there for me. She would have left the biggest trial of the century and told the judge to stick it, if I was in trouble. She had my back. She always had my back.

Anne: Did you ever call her “mom”?

Jane: (Hesitating)

Ken: You don’t have to answer that, if you don’t want to. It’s very personal.

Anne: Yeah, sorry.

Jane: No, it’s okay. The answer is, “yes”. As she was dying, I leaned over and kissed her, and told her “goodbye, Mom.” She smiled. She appreciated the joke.

Ken: Joke?

Jane: She was too weak to correct me.

Anne: That’s so sweet.

Ken: I think I love your mom.

Jane: Actually, her name is Martha.

Book Description

Weave A Murderous Web is a mystery novel by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks. It is one of three books in the Jane Larson series, published by Melange Books.


No good deed goes unpunished. When Jane Larson—a hot-shot litigator for a large firm in New York City—helps out a friend, she is sucked into the unfamiliar world of divorce and child support.

Jane’s discovery of the deadbeat dads hidden assets soon unravels a web of lies, drugs, and murder that keeps getting more dangerous.

Soon, Jane is involved in a high stakes race to recover a missing suitcase of cash and catch the murderer before she becomes the next victim.


“A sleuthing lawyer returns to the streets of New York in this mystery of drugs, murder, and financial skullduggery… the husband-wife team of Rothman-Hicks and Hicks has again produced a fast-paced, engaging story… overall, this is a satisfying read. An enjoyable romp involving a shady attorney and the mob that should make readers look forward to the next Jane Larson caper.” 
– Kirkus

“The action is breathtaking and the writing beautiful. Weave a Murderous Web: A Jane Larson Novel is a story that reminds me of the characters of John Grisham’s Gray Mountain… Jane Larson is the kind of character that will be loved by many readers… The plot is well thought out and masterfully executed, laced with numerous surprises to keep readers turning the pages. This is one of those books that should occupy an enviable place in your shelf if you are into fast-paced thrillers and compelling investigative stories.”
– 5 Stars, Ruffina Oserio, Readers’ Favorite

“MURDEROUS WEB is a classic whodunit with classic New York City characters.” – Gimme That Book

“Weave a Murderous Web is an enthralling murder mystery. It gets your heart pounding with action and passion, while simultaneously entangling your mind with its ambiguity. The dynamic duo has done it again. The husband and wife writing team of Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks pens another on-the-edge-of-your seat murder mystery. Engaging. Witty. Fast paced. I love the Hicks’ contemporary writing style. The narrative is full of delightful metaphorical statements. The setting takes you into the heart of New York City – it reflects just the right amount of ambiance… As the plot progresses, the intensity heightens, catapulting you into a surprising twist, then plummets you into a sudden, yet satisfying end.” – 5 Stars, Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Readers’ Favorite

“Weave a Murderous Web involves a hotshot Wall Street lawyer who is a sassy, cynical New Yorker through and through. To help out a friend, she gets involved in a seamy matrimonial case that quickly pulls her into a vortex of murder, drugs, and dangerous games of deception.” – The Big Thrill

“Weave a Murderous Web is a smart and entertaining mystery by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks that will leave lovers of the genre anxiously waiting for another installment starring the intrepid protagonist, Jane Larson… Weave a Murderous Web has plenty to keep the reader engaged as Jane digs in her heels, determined to get to the truth. Witty dialogue, supported by great writing and some understated humor, makes this book not only a must-read – but also a darned good one!” – 5 Stars, Marta Tandori, Readers’ Favorite

About the Authors: 

Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks have been collaborating on books for forty-six years.  Their first joint effort was a student project while Anne was at Bryn Mawr College and Ken attended Haverford. Since then, they have written over twenty books together. They are members of International Thriller Writers. They live and work in New York City, where many of their books are set.

Their Jane Larson series of mystery/thrillers involves a high-powered New York City attorney with a penchant for getting involved in situations that she would be better off leaving alone. These novels have been praised by reviewers for their gritty portrayals of city life, lively characters, fast action, surprise endings and highly polished prose. Jane is cynical and rebellious, but she finds herself drawn to the simple life her deceased mother lived as an attorney who served women unable to afford legal services. The first two books in the series are Weave A Murderous Web and Praise Her, Praise Diana, both published by Melange Books, LLC. A third novel, Mind Me, Milady, will be published in early 2017.

Readers can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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