Manifesto, by Saul Warsaw

Two Excellent Stories in One

Meet Will Jonas, retired police detective, now private investigator. Saul Warsaw’s featured character is one mystery suspense readers are certain to enjoy.

If you first meet him in Manifesto, you will get an added surprise. The book contains two novels: the first is Manifesto, the second is titled You Remember…You Die. Both were very entertaining.

In each of the stories, Will has some help. His old partner, Clark, is still on the force. As a matter of fact, sometimes he is the one to bring Will in to a case. Then there is his assistant/secretary Rose, who first convinced him to hire her with the best tasting cup of coffee he’d had for years. There’s the wife too, who along with a full time career of her own, manages to do some effective computer hacking to provide information to Will for his investigation.

There are several books in the series already, so you can look forward to more.


I Liked Manifesto from the start, with the main character first person narrating. His words are sometimes spoken short and to the point, matter of fact. It’s very appealing. Reading the words, the voice of  Will Jonas reminds me a little of the old classic television character from Dragnet, sometimes spoken with few, to the point, words.

Will Jonas is a retired cop, now a private investigator. Since he is no longer on the force, it comes as a surprise to him when his former partner asks him to investigate a murder. Or that is, a murder prediction.

Law enforcement doesn’t often give credence to psychics and their visions, but how can they ignore it when the man successfully predicted another. This time he is predicting a high official in the local Los Angeles government is going to be murdered. Is he really a psychic, or is he just after publicity?

I enjoyed the character of Will, as well as the story. It is pretty short so it was a fast book to read. Nevertheless the characters led and I happily followed along. Asked to help out in their investigation, will must decide if a prediction made by a psychic is real. What the man predicted in Montana did happen  but why is he so reticent to tell them more. Can he lead them to the killer?

As more facts are revealed, Will’s confidence will be tested. Not only does he find more murders, it looks like the killer isn’t finished yet.

You Remember…You Die

The second novel, You Remember…You Die takes us to an entirely different setting, when an old man in an assisted living home dies, presumably from heart failure. To be expected, right?  Perhaps.  He’d had a hard life.  He was one of the few who lived through Auswitz, after all.  Four survivors were in that camp together during that desperate time.

The man’s granddaughter thinks differently. She believes it was murder. Why would anyone want to kill him at that age and in his condition?

Once Will hears what is behind her belief, he has to check it out. What he learns leads to more bodies, some recent, some long ago cold cases. Can he discover the truth before another is killed?

As in the first book, Manifesto, Will makes use of the police and vice versa. It is an interesting twist to have them helping each other, working together with far less of the usual distrust between law enforcement and private investigators.

The characters (the good guys, that is) are all likable, their interactions realistic and enjoyable. The dialogue is very well done, natural and not at all stilted. Put it altogether and you have a terrific series. It is light and quick yet suspenseful and thoughtful. I will be reading more of Saul Warsaw.   His books are terrific new find! Give this one a try to see for yourself!

Author’s Bio:

After careers as a broadcast journalist and then a public relations counselor, Saul Warshaw, at age 85, now is enjoying his third career—as a writer of mystery thrillers, featuring Will Jonas, a private investigator and former homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police department. Saul and his wife, both native New Yorkers, are long time residents of Los Angeles. If you wish, please write Saul Warshaw at:

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