Malevolent, by Jana DeLeon

Meet Shaye Archer

Looking for a book that will grab you from the first page? Malevolent will do that and possibly keep you awake much of the night with the tension it contains.

Shaye Archer is young to be a private investigator, but she has the skills. She also has an unresolved past that may affect her abilities. Severely abused for many years, with no memory of who did it, she has basically recreated herself.

Her very first client puts that at risk. Emma is being stalked. What makes it worse is that the stalker appears to be the husband Emma recently killed.

It’s a complicated twisting tale that is not for the overly sensitive. The anxiety caused is well done. It’s very effective. The feeling of someone watching you, of someone being in your home, is all to realistic and frightening.

It affects both women. Who can they trust when they can’t put a face to their enemy? It could be anyone; the cop at the scene, the person waiting on you, a man crossing the street.

Best Selling Author, Jana DeLeon

Jana Deleon is a terrific author with several other series published and popular. You’ll appreciate her humor in her Miss Fortune Series for one.

Malevolent Is the first in the suspenseful Shaye Archer series. The darker mystery may lack the humor of the lighter series, but Ms. DeLeon spins a story that draws you to follow right where she leads. Well written, the tightly woven chapters will keep you glued to the story.

The more Shaye tries to protect her client the closer she gets to becoming a victim as well. It’s fast paced, on point, with some grisly descriptions that will alarm, all the way to the shocking end. You won’t want to miss that.

From Audible Studios

I was able to listen to Malevolent through Audible. The narrator, Julie McKay is so effective. Well done pacing and voice variation come naturally to Ms. McKay. I would highly recommend the audio if you get a chance. It’s one you won’t want to put down while you run errands or do household chores. You can listen to a sample here

Shaye Archer is s likable character. So is Jackson, the Police Detective who believes and helps her. There are still many questions for Shaye. It’s good to know there are more in the series. Book two, Sinister, is waiting in my cart. I’m looking forward to more.

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