Lying In Vengeance, by Gary Corbin

The Lying Injustice Series Continues

Gary Corbin continues the story of Peter Robertson in Lying in Vengeance. Book two of the series intensifies the fear and panic that began in the first book.


Book one, Lying in Judgment, found Peter Robertson seated on a jury for a murder case.

In a shocking moment he learns the trial it for the man accused of killing Alvin Black. Only in this particular crime he knows the accused is innocent.

That’s because Peter himself committed the crime. In a strangely odd reality, he killed a man–the wrong man.

To see how that book ends, you must read the first book, Lying in Judgment, released in 2016.


Now Christine Neilsen, one of the other jurors on the panel, wants his help. Actually, she insists on it. With the knowledge she has, he appears to have no other option.

Psychological manipulation drives this plot. A puppet master controls the actions of many. It’s well designed to be quite frightening as a result. It will have you questioning what you believe so far.

Christine is desperate, in fear of her former lover. Or is she? She has no qualms about using Peter. Between the two, each with their own purpose, the reader will be compelled to see how it resolves.

In a series of connections and coincidences, many from the first murder overlap into the second story. The characters are each unique, with unusual quirks and , many of which could cause Peter even more trouble. Evil surrounds him, yet he put himself in the center. Will he find a way out of it?

With no one to trust, Peter will have to find his own way out, but as in any downward spiral, getting off that spiral can be very risky.


It’s a very intricate plot with so many twists in direction, it will have you doing double takes. By the end you will be questioning everyone’s motives. But it doesn’t end there. The story will continue in at least one more book. It made the ending a little unsatisfying, but it’s clear the author has lots more in store for us. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the next book.

I received this book from the agent, author or publisher. Now I’m hooked! I do recommend you start with the first book in the series to get the full effect of the precise manipulation. You’ll be glad you did.

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