Lying in Judgement, by Gary Corbin

When Peter Robertson is called for jury duty, he surely doesn’t expect it to be for anything as serious as a murder trial. Nor does he expect it to be a trial for the man he himself killed.

The Story

Six months ago, Peter made a terrible choice that has haunted him ever since.  It was the night his life went out of control. First his wife left him, then his mother suffered a stroke.  Somewhere in there, he killed a man.

A courtroom drama, the story plays out vividly as he sits as juror.  The story grabs you from the start and quickly takes you down an uncomfortable path.  The tension may be upsetting to you at times, just as it must have been for Peter.  You’ll be asking yourself how you would react.

Deception well describes the plot, since nearly everyone is hiding their true agenda.  Multiple characters, from jurors to friends, would interfere with Peter’s choices. There is much more to the unusual story.  More than even Peter knows.  Undercurrents and events within the courtroom are startling.  Outside the courtroom, Peter finds he has much more at stake than he thought. Lots of surprises before you reach the end.

My Thoughts

Lying in Judgement reads at a fast pace—a good thing since I was anxious to see what would happen next.  The trial was well done and descriptive.  When court was not in session it was equally suspenseful.

I did rather with Peter could sit still and contain  some of  his outbursts.  He definitely had trouble controlling his reactions! It seems like everyone there would have noticed, but perhaps jurors often react that way when uncomfortable with what they are seeing or hearing during a trial. However, it certainly did get across the angst and tension he was feeling during the trial.

Unexpected witnesses,   A contentious mix of jurors.  Lying, from within the courtroom and out.  “Cheating and deception” words Peter himself uses, in every corner. All combine into a very entertaining suspense.

Peter soon realizes he must change his focus if he is to get the verdict he must have.  His freedom, and perhaps even his life, are at stake.

I’ll be reading more written by Mr. Corbin.

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Author Bio:

Gary Corbin is a writer, actor, and playwright in Camas, WA, a suburb of Portland, OR. His first novel, Lying in Judgment, is available in print and ebook form. A second novel, The Mountain Man’s Dog, is expected in mid-2016.

Gary’s creative and journalistic work has been published in BrainstormNW, the Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, and Global Envision, among others. His plays have enjoyed critical acclaim, and his acting ain’t bad, either.

Gary is a member of PDX Playwrights, the Portland Area Theater Alliance, the Willamette Writers Group, 9 Bridges Writers Group, and the North Bank Writers Workshop, and participates in workshops and conferences in the Portland, Oregon area.

A homebrewer as well as a maker of wine, mead, cider, and soft drinks, Gary is a member of the Oregon Brew Crew and a BJCP National Beer Judge. He loves to ski, cook, and watch his beloved Red Sox, and hopes someday to train his dogs to obey. And when that doesn’t work, he escapes to the Oregon coast with his sweetheart.

Next Up From Gary Corbin

Don’t miss The Mountain Man’s Dog!  Scheduled for release on June 15th, 2016, it sounds like a great read.  An injured dog, a man reconnecting with his ex-fiance, political ambition and crooked cops all combine into a suspenseful thriller. It is available for preorder here.

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  1. Gary Corbin says:

    Thanks for this excellent review!

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    Thank you for stopping in Gary. Looking forward to your next one as well.

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