Love for Sale, by John Leslie

Gideon Lowry, Key West, and Treasure. What’s Not to Love?

After one night with a young escort named Katy Morgan, her future is bound to Bud Lowry. How could he say no when she approaches him for help? In possession of a treasure, a golden chalice, from one of the  sunken ships found there in the keys, she is afraid.

Katy never knew her father. She searched for him once, but never found him. Then one day recently he showed up. For good or for bad?

Before she can provide Bud details of both her father and the chalice, she is dead, the chalice missing.

Left with many questions, the investigation begins. First, what happened to the chalice? Second, who was Katy’s father? Most important, was Katy  murdered?

The Series Continues

It’s always a pleasure to return to a series, knowing both the characters and the narrator will be familiar. David Wood is a great voice for Bud Lowry, the low key private investigator–and piano player—living in the Florida Keys. Wood also offers good voice variation that make it easy to know the players. Have a listen to the audiobook here, so you can hear for yourself.

The novel takes the reader step by step into his investigation. There is no way he can walk away after his client is found dead. It’s easy to picture the PI in the ambiance of the laid back community, bicycling down the streets, hanging out at the local bars a couple of doors down from where he lives, in the heart of Key West. The Florida breeze, the humid days, the visiting outsiders, all combine to a comfortable, sultry setting.

All of that doesn’t excuse the lies and corruption Gideon finds.

The dialogue is very natural, read very well. The plot ties together nicely with some tasty surprises. The characters, suspicious or otherwise, are well developed, adding to the solid, entertaining mystery.

I was provided the audiobook for Love For Sale, from the publisher, author, agent, or narrator. I enjoyed reviewing it. Since audiobooks are a favorite, I couldn’t wait to listen and review it.

This is the third book in the Gideon Lowry series. Each has been exciting to read. Every book has added layers to Gideon as well. That always tends to make a series keep you hooked. You get to where you are glad to be visiting with him once again.

That said, you can read the books in any order. Each is a stand alone. Once you finish, you will appreciate knowing there are more.

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  1. Ruth Cox says:

    You definitely have me wondering if, and by whom, Katy was murdered with your review of Love for Sale.

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