Lone Wolf, An F.B.I. K-9 Novel, by Sara Driscoll

Book 1 In The F.B.I. K-9 Series

It was instant attraction when I first saw Lone Wolf, F.B.I. K-9, book one. The picture of the Labrador Retriever drew me in first. Any book that features a dog as one of the lead characters is appealing. If they are highly trained law enforcement or search and rescue dogs, all the more.

Next add in that it is available in the audio version from Audible with Angele Dawe as narrator, it was in my cart promptly.

The Story

What a fantastic new series. Meg Jennings, former police K-9 officer is now an FBI Agent with her search and rescue dog, Hawk. They are tasked not only with finding criminals, but also rescue and recovery after an incident.

That is where the story starts. When a bomb explodes in Washington DC, Meg and Hawk, along with other search and rescue teams are brought in immediately to search for victims. Dangerous, exhausting work, but both dog and handler won’t give up.

Then the situation gets worse. An email is sent to Clay McCord, a reporter for the Washington Post, the sender claiming he was responsible, not terrorists. He adds that this was just the first.

The chase is on, but clues are not that easy to come by when each bomb destroys the evidence. Meg and Hawk won’t leave it alone though, following unexpected clues that put both in danger. Meg’s love for Hawk (and vice versa), make the risk that much greater.

That bond between dog and handler gives a novel like this an extra edge. The skills of the animals–highly trained and anxious to work–are fascinating. What they can learn always amazes. They become kindred spirits, reliant on the other, each trusting.

The Cast

The many involved in the story are terrific characters. Meg’s sister, team member, Brian, with his dog, Lacey; the Post reporter, though a suspect, who only wants the bomber stopped, Fireman Todd Webb who helps her rescue several people in the National Mall, to name a few. Each is nicely developed, very likable, and people you will want to see in future books.

The author has the dialogue down as well. The conversations, whether work or social, are smoothly done and enjoyable.

The Audio

Popular narrator, Angela Dawe, brings the story to life. She is excellent! From the pacing of the story to handling the variety of voices, to the timing in tense moments, she was spot on. She does so well, you don’t think about the narration, you are just drawn into the story.

I loved this one! Thankfully the second book in the series was released in September of 2017. “Before It’s Too Late” is now in my cart. It will be an interesting series to follow.  So looking forward to more.

Don’t miss this one! I’ll be listening to it again soon.

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