All Lies, by Andrew Cunningham

Long Ago Secrets

Del Honeycutt lived a very ordinary, unexciting life. That is, until he agreed to meet with Izzie, a woman from an online dating site. She changed everything in only a few minutes.

Within twenty-four hours he was drawn into a murder and a treasure hunt. A great start to a mystery thriller, right?

Break-ins, shootings, attacks, all relate back to Del’s great grandfather. Why? What on earth could be of interest to someone? What is worth killing for?

Author, Andrew Cunningham, leads us right into the search—both for the treasure and the answers. With twisting connections tying the characters together, he’s created a solid mystery with plenty of clues to follow. Getting there is such fun.   Loved the characters as well as the settings. The attic in his father’s house, the neighbors in Del’s apartment, long missing stolen art, and still more.

The mystery of Izzie’s sister, Sabrina, adds another effective layer. Can he trust her? If he is wrong, it may cost him his life.

The Search

Who doesn’t enjoy a hunt for missing treasures? Their struggle for answers was just as entertaining. How do you resolve something you know nothing about? While Del and Sabrina find their attraction growing, they become targets. Just who it is after them remains well hidden.

In Audio

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. It was totally my pleasure. Narrated by Greg Hernandez, the book has a good flow to it. He has an easy-to-listen-to voice with the right pacing for the story. The voice variation is well done too. I’ll listen to more of his narration in the future. I hope you will listen to a sample here to check it out.

The audiobook grabbed my attention and kept it throughout the listen. It is fast paced which makes a reader want to stay with it. Intriguing how events—and choices–so many decades before can still haunt families right into the present.

Don’t miss this one. You’ll find mystery, suspense, adventure and even romance. Enjoy!

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