Law and Vengeance, by Mike Papantonio

Exciting New Thriller From Mike Papantonio

How could expert shooters suddenly miss their targets by several feet, killing the wrong person? First the police. Next the military. Each kill shot–blamed on the officers–made with the use of new specialty sites manufactured by Arbalest.

When a suit is filed against them, stalling is the response, not only by the manufacturer, but even within the justice department. Innocent people are dying because of the faulty technology. In politics and lobbies, gun rights are a hot topic with strong opinions on either side. yet who would go along with a component that doesn’t work? Who would let it continue?

Gina Romano is a top criminal defense attorney with Bergman-Deketomis Law Firm. She is the very one Nick Deketomis (Deke) chose to defend him against a murder charge in Law and Disorder. When her law firm filed suit against Arbolest, she is pleased to assist the lead counsel in the case. When the ┬álead counsel–her friend–is killed, Gina is ready to go to war to bring them down.

An Author To Follow

Author Mike Papantonio writes a compelling novel. As a senior partner of one of our nation’s largest law firms, he brings both knowledge, detail and skill to every book. Take a look at his bio and you will understand. The only question I have is how he finds time to fit in writing.

The novel is very well written, with excellent focus. That is something I noticed in his first thriller, Law and Disorder, as well. It’s fast paced, high tension, knowing they are dealing with people will stop at nothing to win.

The fact that the story is based on an actual case makes it all the more intriguing. This author has been added to my automatic order list. If you are looking for an exciting thriller, definitely order this book!

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Author Bio:

Mike Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio, one of the largest plaintiffs law firms in America, that has handled thousands of cases throughout the nation involving pharmaceutical drug litigation, Florida tobacco litigation, litigation for asbestos-related health damage, securities fraud actions, and other mass tort cases. “Pap” has received dozens of multimillion dollar verdicts on behalf of victims of corporate corruption.

Mr. Papantonio is one of the youngest attorneys to have been inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. In 2012 Mr. Papantonio became President of the National Trial Lawyers Association, one of the largest trial lawyer organizations in America. For his trial work on behalf of consumers Papantonio has received some of the most prestigious awards reserved by the Public Justice Foundation, The American Association for Justice, and the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Mr. Papantonio is an author of four motivational books for lawyers. He is also co-author of Air America: The Playbook a New York Times Political Best Seller.

Mr. Papantonio is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Ring of Fire along with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Sam Seder. In addition to the radio program, Mr. Papantonio also hosts Ring of Fire when it airs on the Free Speech TV network.

Mr. Papantonio has conducted hundreds of recorded interviews with guests, including Dan Rather, Helen Thomas, Howard Zinn, Arianna Huffington, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bernie Sanders, David Crosby, Merle Haggard, Morgan Spurlock, John Edwards, Bill Moyers, Rickie Lee Jones, Alanis Morissette, Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Chuck D from Public Enemy, Henry Rollins, Ted Sorensen, and Elizabeth Kucinich. His role on Ring of Fire is featured in the movie, Jesus Camp, which was nominated for the 2007 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

Mr. Papantonio is also a political commentator who frequently appears on MSNBC, Free Speech TV, RT America Network, and Fox News.

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