Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez

What do drones have to do with ants?

Do you consider the drone a good thing? Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez, will make you reconsider your stance, one way or another. As with many of man’s inventions, something built for good–to save lives–may eventually be used for the opposite.

Kill Decision is the first book I’ve read by this author, but it won’t be my last. The story was an exciting suspense thriller, moving along at a fast pace, becoming more intriguing with each chapter. It’s an excellent book! The first two books by Mr. Suarez were considered techno thrillers. This qualifies too, though perhaps in an unique way.

Drones, those little bug like contraptions in the news so much these days, are among the main characters in this story.

When drones begin attacking and killing, apparently unguided, a special ops team is brought in to determine how and why. Odin, the leader of the team, rescues scientist, Linda McKinney, from a drone attack seconds before her building explodes.

Ms. McKinney is a myrmecologist, a scientist who studies ants. Her specialized study is weaver ants, and their method of communicating and fighting together as a single mind. Her study may be the model used for the coordinated attack drones.The drones are now after them, still trying to kill the scientist.

As the attacks continue and grow in size, it becomes more and more difficult to stay ahead of them. Odin and Mckinney must figure out what the drones’ ultimate purpose is before they can figure out how to stop them. But with thousands of them swarming like angry bees, can they be stopped? Does it sound far-fetched? Perhaps. Possible? You’ll have to read it and decide for yourself.

The Reality in the Fantasy

drone-407393_1280The book gives plenty of cause for thought. As with Mr. Suarez’ other books, this one also shows technology taken to extremes, some that are not only possible, but plausible. Drones will likely be something easy and relatively inexpensive to manufacture, possibly made by anyone. The book description says that over fifty countries are already working on their own!

We see many good uses, but have you considered the other side of that? Can they be made to cut metal? To fire weapons? To fire missiles?  The drones in this book can not only spy, they can destroy and kill. And without leaving clues as to where they came from. Their uses may be as varied as their creator’s imagination. That can be a scary thing.

Another lesser discussion within the story is the mass use of social media to direct our thoughts as well as trends. Included within the story is various media’s ability to manipulate the mood to destroy a political opponent, to win elections, to cause anger and unrest. As we rely more and more on the internet, especially social media sites, for our information, it makes you more aware of how we can be influenced without even realizing it.

Mr Suarez has definitely written an enticing story. With over 3400 reviews, and a 4.3 out of 5 rating between Amazon and Audible, he clearly has quite a following. His earlier books sound excellent as well. Both are in my cart now. Hope you enjoy this one. I certainly did.

More from Daniel Suarez


These appear to be “must reads” for many of Mr. Suarez’ followers. Both Daemon and Freedom are considering cyber thrillers, supposedly loved by sci-fi readers too. But I’m not a sci-fi reader normally and still loved Kill Decision. To me the one I read seemed a few years in the future, but not impossible. You can consider, is it sci-fi? Fantasy? Futuristic? Or a present reality that hasn’t extended its reach?

In Daemon, a designer creates a computer that operates on its own. It is powerful enough not only to control the internet, but also to kill. When you think of how much in our lives is online worldwide, it will give you an idea of what might be at stake.   Freedom is a continuation of Daemon. I can’t wait to see what happens.

I did listen to Daemon recently and was suitably impressed.  It was an excellent story that is all too conceivable.  Enough elements included may be happening already, but if they aren’t yet, I think you will agree they are possible and even probable.  The actions of the youth in the book brought be hours of pondering.  It’s so often the young adults that are willing to fight for change.  Sometimes whether change is good or bad. 

You can read my review of Daemon here on Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine.

Freedom is on my list to read soon.  It is  two part of Daemon’s story.  I’m determined to see how it resolves.

These two books have so many amazing reviews—besides mine–that I definitely recommend the audiobooks.  The story moves quickly, is very well narrated, and is a remarkable story.

Daemon, The first novel by Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez’ first novel, originally self published! Nearly 7,000 have rated/reviewed this book. 4.4 out of 5. Considered well researched, and way to possible, its the story of autonomous computer programs, called daemons, that handle so much of our every day lives now. A daemon is activated that will destroy the internet and all its connections, unless somehow it can be stopped.

Following Daemon,  Freedom

The follow up to Daemon, with nearly 5,000 ratings and reviews. 4.5 out of 5. I haven’t read this yet, but it sounds like a necessary addition after Daemon. Is the computer program in control?


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