Judgement Call, by JC Ryan

Volume One of “The Exonerated”

Judgement Call is a very entertaining suspense thriller featuring a young judge and a PI, both looking for answers. The first book in the coming series (or perhaps trilogy?) is built around a shadow group that seeks to control powerful people.

Judge Regan St Clair, following in her fathers footsteps, has already grown sick of the games played in her courtoom, nearly ready to quit. Until she is convinced by a woman that a convicted murderer is innocent. After learning how inept both the investigation and the trial were handled, she is determined to help. The whole thing was handled so badly, it must have been a set up.

Enter Jake Westley, PI. In need of a new investigator, she turns to Jake, not questioning the coincidence of their meeting. The decision to hire him and the investigation plunge both into a run for their lives unable to trust anyone. How many are involved? How many are people close to Regan? How many lives have they already destroyed?

Mystery, suspense, surprising revelations, and even a bit of romance connect the story. You’ll enjoy all of it. Combined into a fast paced story, it will keep you questioning what you know.

In Audio

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. I’m so glad too, since I didn’t want to stop reading/listening until I found out what would happen next. Narrator, Rhett Samuel Price, handles the voice changes and pacing well. It was delightful listening.

By the end, I was thinking it would make a great series, especially since the innocent man Andy, was not the only one framed for murder. The title shows there will be at least one more. Book one of the Exonerated is encouraging. It will be interesting to see when the author takes us next. I’ll be looking forward to the next entry.

J C Ryan is the popular author of the Rossler Foundation series that is centered around the secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Carter Devereux series, which is an archeological suspense series. Both sound like terrific subjects. I’ll definitely be reading/listening to more.

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