The Hunting Hour, by Margaret Mizushima

Back To Timber Creek

Every book in the Timber Creek K9 Mystery series gets better and better.  Book three, The Hunting Hour was released in August of 2017Now I’m anxious to know when the next will be released.  Margaret Mizushima has created a unique team and community set in Timber Creek.

Mattie Cobb and Robo must focus on the hunt for a killer, even more so when a second child goes missing.  It begins first with a missing 13 year old girl.  The K9 team rushes to the scene to help locate her.  Well trained Robo does locate her only to find the girl dead, posed among the brush.

Their task is only beginning as the hunt for the killer begins.   It’s a well done mystery, uncovering more questions than answers as they investigate.  Could the killer be family?  A high school student?  Was it someone the girl knew?  Step by step we are led deeper into the past of the young girl with unexpected secrets.

Then a second child is taken, someone much closer to Mattie.  Traces of her scent elude Robo after a point.  The pressure heightens knowing the fate of the first victim.  Can they find her, still alive?

Throughout the story, Mattie continues to deal with a horrible past that holds her back.  She has distanced herself from Cole, the local vet she cares for.  The tension and affection between them will have you hoping for a happy ending.   Mattie has to face that past–finally–before she can recover.

The Hunting Hour can easily be a stand alone novel.  You can start with this one.  But if you want to start at the beginning, you’ll want to read The Killing Hour  first.

I listened to the book in audio.  It’s so well narrated by Nancy Wu.  Her voice varies well for the many characters.  Her pacing is just right, as you would read it yourself.  A good narrator can make the book.  Ms Wu has done each of the books in the series so far.  It’s easy to see why.

It’s a terrific, entertaining series with the added bonus you get when an animal shares the lead.  The treat is watching Robo’s character develop along with Mattie, Cole and the others.

Don’t miss this one.

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