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House of Erie is the entertaining third novel in the Hillary Broome series from author, June Gillam It was the first I had read from this author though Book One is now in my library as well. It will be enjoyable to go back to the beginning of the series.

Hillary Broome, a reporter and writer, is planning a trip to Ireland with her family to learn more about the Broome famiy history. A good friend there has accumulated research for her.

What begins as a lovely adventure soon becomes deadly when her friend Bridget is murdered. Who would kill her–and why–becomes their urgent focus. They must find answers quickly before they become the next victims.

Was it her interest in the sorrowful history there in Galway, Ireland, or is something more wicked happening? While Hillary is determined to stay until they find the killer, the danger grows. Who should they trust when even those close to them might be involved?

The book was a fast novel that was very engaging. The Ireland setting is always a favorite. The characters with their flaws and strengths were well portrayed. Hillary and her husband Ed were a refreshingly well adjusted couple. It would make a terrific summer beach read or a delightful stormy day-by-the-fire read. Give it a try.

The Hillary Broome Series

The other books in the series are The House of Cuts and the House of Dads. The author is already at work on the fourth in the series. Start reading now so you can follow the series as Hillary Broome finds more mystery and danger.

The Tour

Our review is part of the virtual book tour now underway hosted by iRead Book Tours. The tour runs from September 6th through September 16th. Check our her iRead Author page here to visit other stops along the tour. You will find interviews, more reviews, and guest articles from this delightful author.

Book Description for House of Eire:

In House of Eire, Hillary Broome, a reporter-turned-ghostwriter from Lodi, California, and her detective husband Ed fly to Ireland—Ed for a gang conference in Dublin and Hillary to research her ancestors in Galway. Hillary plans to meet up with her friend Bridget, who’s pushing a greedy developer to include a memorial museum inside his proposed Irish theme park. As Hillary travels through Ireland and learns more about her friend’s crusade, she uncovers secrets and mysterious forces nudging her to fly away home.

Praise for Hillary Broome Novels

House of Cuts

A maniacal butcher, a journalist/teacher with a shameful secret, and a cigar-toting detective set the stage for this psychological thriller, the first in a series of Hillary Broome novels. Set in California’s Central Valley, House of Cuts involves suspense, intrigue, and a burgeoning romance. My favorite things about this novel include the dialogue, the wonderful details, and its sense of place—from the lush walnut orchards of Morada, CA, to PriceCuts, what Gillam terms the “24/7 machine,” the kind of superstore familiar to any modern reader. I also enjoyed the fact that eight of the fifty-one chapters are told from killer Melvin’s point of view so that I was able to get a first-hand glimpse into his demented, mother-obsessed mind.

~Candace Andrews, author ofHigh Tides: Wading Through Depression—Every Day

House of Dads

One of Gillam’s strong virtues as a writer is her ability to enmesh you, the reader, in the many layered action of the story until you become that close and helpless bystander who must live every unspeakable thing out with the characters. Too bad about the hundred things and obligations with their gummy fingers on you. Too bad until the story is finished, for you are not free to return focus to your own life, not yet. When you close the book at last, it is with a sigh of relief and gratitude and satisfaction that YOU don’t have to live out such things yourself as you and the characters have experienced together. Oh, but all will linger in your mind. And at the same time, you will already have an eye out for the next Hillary Broome adventure!

~Zoe Keithley, author ofThe Calling of Mother Adelli

House of Eire

Hillary Broome returns to her Irish roots to uncover not only her family’s history, but the Emerald Island’s betrayal of its own people. This poignant story taps into the yearning we all have to uncover our beginnings. We try to carve away the protective facades of civilization but often are left naked and fatally exposed to the unexpected. June Gillam presents a fascinating tale of the past clashing with the present. It’s a story of lost love, murder, magic and ghosts in the fairytale land of the shamrocks.

~ J. J. Lamb & Bette Golden Lamb, authors of theGina Mazzio RN “Bone”series

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June Gillam

Author’s Bio:

June Gillam teaches literature and writing at a Northern California Community College. She describes this series as psychological suspense novels in which Hillary Broome, reporter and ghostwriter, fends off complex villains of many kinds: a berserk butcher, a demented daughter and a haunted theme park developer.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~Facebook

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