Flash, by Donna Ball

A New Dog on the Force

Lately mystery suspense books featuring dogs have been high on my list of priorities. Not only do they usually add humor, they also bring to light a relationship that we humans don’t fully understand. It’s easy to believe we would be stunned to know just how much they understand and comprehend.

Flash, by Donna Ball, is the latest find. First in the Dogleg Island Mystery series, it’s a charmer. Agatha (Aggie) Malone is a police officer in the small Florida town. Ryan Grady, a long time resident, is another officer on the force.

They both meet Flash on the same night. The night Aggie is shot. The memory of that night haunts all three of them.

Which begins an entertaining mystery that combines a recent murder with her haunted past. While the lines blur, the investigation must continue.

Flash is a key character in the story. It’s a treat to see things from his point of view. As smart as border collies are known to be, it might be realistic as well. He has skills that include a deep perception of his people and a mind that understands he has a job to do.

Circumstances may have changes Aggie, but her determination remains strong. She will need that as she learns of the deception that is happening all around her. Even Flash may not be able to keep her safe.

In Audio

I listened to Flash through Audible. Sorry to say the narrator didn’t seem a good fit to the series. It was still a vey good listen though, with the twisting plot and dangerous conditions.

For the next in the series there is a new narrator, so I will definitely be checking out book two, entitled The Sound of Running Horses. Getting to know Flash, Aggie, and Grady should be fun. Watching the relationship develop between dog and human will be fascinating.

Ms. Ball is the author of another popular series featuring a dog, The Raine Stockton Dog series. I’ve enjoyed several in that series as well. It’s a pleasure reading about dogs at work. The training—the learning—they can handle is impressive and inspiring. I’ll be looking for more.

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