A Fine Line, by Dan Burns

It’s One Way To Overcome Writer’s Block

Sebastian Drake, the former investigative journalist, is now an author. After receiving great reviews for his first novel, his current project has him stonewalled. Stuck with writer’s block, late on bills, late on child support, he’s at a low point.

So, when a wealthy man approaches him with a job, one that should inspire many novels to come, he’s naturally interested. How the man knows so much about him is one more puzzle to solve.

When the money is flashed, he accepts. Can he do it though? Can a writer solve a cold case murder?

Sebastian Drake

Drake is very likable. Aware of his own faults and shortcomings, he still wants the best. Divorced, yet still very caring for his ex and his SON???? A basic good guy with a past that enables him to do harm as necessary.

Sure enough, as his investigation begins, so does his next book, flowing as quickly as he can write. Politics, corruption, an influential Chicago family, power… all lead straight to trouble for Drake, but his determination won’t let him stop.

The problem is that clues lead to bodies, and these are recent. The police want to arrest him almost as much as the killer wants to stop him. When they make it personal, he knows he will see it through, no matter the cost.

The Fine Line is well written, concise, keeping to the story with just enough detail and development. The tightly plot keeps you listening (or reading) more than curious to know what’s coming. The developing characters with their flaws to deal with or overcome add an extra depth-a positive one at that. You’ll enjoy the many directions the leads follow toward answers that could cost Drake his life.

From Audible

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. I was delighted to listen to this one in audio. George Guidall’s narration is exceptional (as always). As one of the most well known and popular narrators, he manages the tones, voice distinctions, and pacing perfectly. He makes the book come alive. A perfect choice for the books narration. You can listen to a sample here. 

Very enjoyable and a definite recommendation from Mystery Suspense Reviews. Pick up a copy and spend some relaxing hours following this winning plot. I’ll be looking forward to more from Mr. Burns. Hopefully that will include additional adventures for Sebastian Drake.

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