The Enigma Factor, by Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey

High Tech Thriller!

Authors Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkey have come up with a techno thriller that will require your concentration as it pulls you into a complex cyber crime. Computer knowledge will help, but isn’t necessary. It’s a fascinating study in coding and threat recognition and assessment.

This book has it all. Suspense, mystery, cyber crime, politics spanning the globe, and a bit of romance besides.


Jacob Michaels, a top computer programmer, finds his identity disappearing, from his job to his personal records. Why?

Jacob Michaels was raised to stop hackers, to protect companies and governments from damage through the internet. His skills are brilliant, his reputation growing.

The R Group

When The R Group recruits him to work for them it becomes clear. But are they who they say they are? They lied to get him there. Can they be trusted now? Yet this team includes people tied to his past. Their goal: to protect the people from cyber crimes and more.

So many have already been manipulated, several murdered Will Jacob be next? Or someone close to him?

Eye Opening

It is a technology heavy book. Don’t let that scare you, instead embrace it and enjoy the read. While I didn’t understand all the computer talk it still fascinated me to hear/read about it. The skill and knowledge involved for the characters to do what they do, plus the authors who are capable of writing it into a cohesive story both earn respect.

Plus the story comes through clearly enough that the reader will be anxious to know what happens next.

Will it always be a race to be the next best hacker? Every time a hacker is successful in stealing technology or information a new program is created to stop that hack. That seems never ending doesn’t it? As though a challenge has been issued, both seek to contol or perhaps win.

Hopefully there are more like Jacob in existence already. The hacking world as it is, identities are hidden, contacts misdirected. The question is whether Jacob will find the truth, and do what is right.

In Audio

The narrator of The Enigma Factor is Stephen Jay Cohen. His voice is perfect for Jacob. Since Jacob narrates the story, it suits so well; soft spoken, youngish, thoughtful. He reads smoothly and effortlessly—a sure sign of a good narrator. He manages the multiple voices with enough variation to keep them clear, whether male or female. The pacing of the book was very well done as well.

It seems I always recommend the audio version of books, since it provides far more opportunity to “read” the book. Once immersed in the story, I can stay plugged in while driving, walking, even cooking or cleaning. It was a definite plus with this story, since I didn’t want to stop listening.

The Series

There are more books in the Enigma series, eight to date. It’s a treat to know you can continue reading more once you finish book one. The second in the series is The Enigma Rising. You’ll find the characters from the first book, plus new ones. Perhaps they too will join their “R Group.”

Book two is already in my cart. Give it a read or a listen. You will enjoy getting to know everyone.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. So pleased it was available in audio format.

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