Defiant, by P.J. O’Dwyer

The Fallon Sisters Trilogy, Book 2

Do you think you can ever escape your past? That question seems inevitable in Defiant, written by P. J. O’Dwyer.

The novel is fascinating, in both the before and after settings. Ms. O’Dwyer is a fine writer, weaving a complicated mystery while staying right on point. Just enough description to give a clear image to the reader, without so  much to overwhelm.

Defiant is the second book in the Fallon Sisters Trilogy. It was my first novel from this author, though it won’t be my last. Already I want to read book one to read Relentless, to learn Bryn’s story, then follow with book three, Forsaken.

The Story

An intense thriller, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat as Kate Fallon tries to cope with an abusive husband. Kate is a strong character, well drawn as a successful attorney, smart and clever. She knows she must get out of the situation, but doesn’t fall into the trap of telling her powerful husband. She carefully begins a plan to bring him down.

In the process of plotting her escape, she learns her husband has been involved in criminal activity. When that knowledge costs the life of a friend, Kate realizes she can wait no longer to flee.

Several years later, reestablished with a new identity, Kate remains closed off and cautious, watchful. So when a Navy Seal, Nick Foster, arrives in town, she want nothing to do with him. With the town sheriff and the community to protect her, can she stop worrying?

Then little things begin to unnerve her. Has her husband found her yet again? Can she trust anyone? Before long the small town that has protected her may ultimately cause her death.

The Audio

Another new author to follow. The characters, the setting, the writing all drew me into this story. Thankfully I received the audiobook, so I was able to keep listening, finishing in just two days. It’s always a treat to have a book you can’t put down, even when you don’t want it to end. The audio is well narrated by Tara Radcliffe. Her voice suits the heroine, plus she manages to distinguish the other voices remarkably well. You can listen to a sample here. 

The Romance

Defiant fits the romantic suspense category well. The intense draw between Nick and Kate added to the story without overtaking it. There is explicit sex included. From the beginning you will feel the tension. You will wonder if her search will put her in greater danger. Abuse, whether verbal or physical, puts both the character and the reader on edge.

Very well done and a great story. I would highly recommend Defiant. You may want to start with book one to enjoy the whole trilogy in order. If so, be sure to start with Relentless.

This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.

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