Deadly Stillwater, by Roger Stelljes

Mac McRyan Returns In This Suspenseful Thriller

St. Paul: A kidnapper is on the hunt. Will he be a killer as well?

It apparently is not random. He does have a type, though perhaps not in the normal sense of appearance. His type seems to be children of public officials.

In comes Mac McRyan, the main character of Roger Stelljes’ bestselling series. Deadly Stillwater is book three in the series, and the first I’ve read by him. I’ll be back for more.

The story proceeds in a police procedural format for the first part of this excellent story, leading to a fast paced, tension filled conclusion that will have you holding your breath.

Mac, a detective on the St Paul force, has a solid reputation that follows his famous detective father. This particular assignment may ruin that though.

While law enforcement of all varieties wait for a ransom demand, Mac determines to find out why the girls were taken. Something is off about the whole situation. But what that is, remains completely unclear.

The kidnappers always seem one step ahead. They are smart. But are they smarter than Mac?

Deep Stillwater  is a story to get lost in, joining the investigator as he goes from clue to clue. That is not an easy thing to do when little trace is left. Learning the connections, how the characters, connect,  all build the suspense–and doubt–in the readers mind. All the while, we wonder if the girls are still alive.

You will definitely enjoying finding out the who and the why.

In Audio

I enjoyed the novel in the audio format from Audible. Popular narrator, Johny Peppers, is a great choice for the series. His timing, voice variation, and pace are all excellent. You can listen to a sample here, if you like.

Book one in the series is now in my cart. That would be First Case, published in 2012.

The second book in the series is the St. Paul Conspiracy

Currently there are eight in the McRyan series, with more to come. Each is a stand alone novel, so if you choose one over the other, you will still fully come to know each of the characters. You will find them very likable and well developed.

Give one a try.  Let us know what you think.

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  1. Susan says:

    Great review! I’m in the mood for a good police suspense novel. Perfect timing – thanks!

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