Dead Deal, by W. J. Evans

Big Business Can Be Deadly

Three wealthy businessmen are missing or dead. Bankers, financiers, big money men.  Why them?

It’s 2008. The season of foreclosures many will remember. Inflated loans made to many unable to repay them….but this is about the big builders. The multi million dollar projects. As builder after builder find their properties reappraised, they find themselves unable to pay and in foreclosure. Frank McCormick is one of those affected. So is his best friend Johnny.

Julia Harrow, Special Agent with the FBI, may be young and beautiful but she is determined to prove herself to her team. When she hears of another murder, she begins to fear the killings are connected.

That leads Julia to suspect Frank, even though their goal appears to be the same: Stop the killer and the systematic foreclosures. Still, can she trust him? Dare she?  While Frank has a rather cavalier view of women, he can’t help but appreciate the young FBI agent.

It’s a look at events that actually happened nearly a decade ago, on large construction sized loans as well as the individual homeowner.

This one was a terrific surprise.  It’s a complex mystery with solid characters that you grow to like quickly. The dialogue is very natural and well done. So many events happen one right after the other, you won’t stop reading. With the many shocks and twists you will be glad you didn’t.

The ending makes it clear there will be at least a second book. Perhaps a series? Unanswered questions remain. You will want answers.

I definitely recommend this one. It’s fast paced, quick novel that contains mystery and murder with a number of well depicted suspects.

About The Book And Its Author

W.J. Evans pulls you into the unstable world of finance where danger lurks around every corner.  

“Dead Deal” delivers thrills as it delves into the mystery surrounding 3 dead bankers

ATLANTA – In a time of uncertainty after the financial crisis of 2008, three bankers have been found murdered. The FBI starts closing in on a lead suspect — a real estate developer with negative ties to all of the victims. W.J. Evans’ exciting new novel, “Dead Deal,” is a sexy thriller filled with twists and suspense.

Chaos rules in the days after the financial meltdown, and danger lurks around every corner for real estate broker Frank McCormick. When FBI agent Julia Harrow starts to track down leads on the dead bankers and hones in on Frank as a suspect, they begin to circle each other warily. As they continue to investigate, they uncover a criminal operation spanning the globe, and it puts them in more extreme danger than they could have ever imagined.

Evans’ sharp writing and fascinating characters will pull you in and keep you reading until the last page.

W.J. Evans is involved in various business interests including commercial real estate development, hotels and restaurants based in Atlanta, Georgia. He co founded the 50in50 in 2008, raising awareness for cancer by playing 50 golf courses in 50 days in all 50 states. Along with writing, in his spare time he enjoys golf trips, world travel and creating new projects for worthy causes.

An Interview with
W.J. Evans

1. Do you remember the moment when you decided to write this book?

Yes, I was playing golf in Ireland a few years ago and came up with the crazy idea to start this project during the trip.

2. What makes the financial world the perfect setting for a thriller?

There are so many real life stories from the corruption and greed, it will always be a fertile ground for subject matter. The story is historical fiction based on the actual financial crisis beginning in 2008.

3. “Dead Deal” has a lot of complex characters. Are any of them based on real people?

I made it a point to create these characters from scratch, not from real people. People are complex in nature based upon so many factors. It’s a fun challenge to create characters for a story like this.

4. How did your success in the business world influence your book?

So much of my business is project based. As with any project, it takes focus and determination to complete. A few of my developments did have an influence on the main characters’ success, and failure in the commercial real estate business.

5. How do you think your approach to the thriller genre differs from other writers?

Every writer’s approach and style is different. My goal is to keep it interesting and entertaining. I think in this case, unlike some of the other writers, I had first-hand experience with the financial meltdown and the collateral human damage it caused.

6. What’s the best advice you got when you started writing?

Focus on character development. Don’t get too technical with the subject matter….I know that my eyes glaze over with information overload from some writers. Keep the chapters short so the book has a nice flow.

7. How did you put yourself in the mindset of a female FBI agent?

That wasn’t an easy task. Probably the most challenging of all the characters. Even though she is a specially trained FBI agent, she is still a human being with wants and needs like all of us. She has been shaped by her life experiences and that makes her who she is.

8. The ending of the book is open-ended. Will we see these characters again?

Yes, there will be a sequel and some of the characters will be reappearing. People got invested emotionally with these characters and I don’t intend to let them down.

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