Dead Certain, By Adam Mitzner

Suspense At Its Best

Adam Mitzner once again displays his awesome talent with his latest thriller, Dead Certain. While this story may stay out of the courtroom, the drama is every bit as intense as a woman searches for her missing sister.

Two sisters, Ella and Charlotte, have taken different paths as adults, yet remain very close. Ella has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a lawyer, though one night a week she secretly escapes to become someone else entirely. Charlotte, still in college, has penned a novel, one chosen  to be published.

Since the two are in touch nearly every day, when Ella can’t reach Charlotte she knows something is wrong. Within days the police have joined the search, but is she a missing person or a victim?

Intensity grows once Ella reads her sister’s manuscript. In it she finds the characters follow the pattern of real people connected to her sister. If that is true, then are the multiple affairs true as well? How much of the fictional account  is real?

A banker, a student, an artist. The more uncovered in her sister’s life, the more the suspects. It becomes even stranger when several overlap her own life as well.

Mr. Mitzner tells the story using the different characters as narrators. It works. Even as you think you know who is talking, there are twists that leave you wondering. He pulls the characters and their stories together with skill. It may be common to see a writers work as woven into one tapestry. That description applies here. Clever bits, clues, are connected, overlapped and tied together into a seamless work.

An excellent wordsmith, the author builds the tension almost from the beginning, and ratchets it up straight to a startling conclusion.

From Audible

I listened to the audiobook recorded by Audible Studios. I’m always pleased with a book they have done. Narrator Erin Bennett manages the multiple voices beautifully, with the variance needed to tell who is speaking. She has a voice that makes listening easy, pacing the story just right. Do listen to the audio sample here.

All of Mr. Mitzner’s books are available a Audible. Each is an intense listen, well done, and definitely attention-grabbing. If you haven’t read or listened to Adam Mitzner, you will want to change that. Each of his books stand alone, so you can start with this one.

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