A Darkness Absolute, by Kelley Armstrong

Darkness, Isolation, Total Suspense

As soon as I finished listening to City of The Lost, I had to get the second book in the Casey Duncan series, A Darkness Absolute.  Very glad I did. Love this series! The story in this entry is perhaps even more suspenseful than the first.

The characters have drawn me in, along with the narration by Terese Plummer. Author Kelley Armstrong has a fascinating series here.

The setting is in the middle of nowhere Ontario, necessary because of the residents of the town. Each is escaping or hiding, some from crimes they have committed, others from abusive relationships. Not one of them wants to be found.

Deep  in A Cave

Exploring caves leads to a shocking discovery for Sheriff Eric ______ and Detective Casey Armstrong. A woman who went missing over year ago. Alive. Who could have held her captive like that? Eric and Casey needn’t leave their community to find people with motives. After all, many of those approved to live there came from violent pasts.

The mystery develops over more women who have gone missing, because the one in the cave is not the first. Between the townspeople of Rockton, the settlers and the hostiles that live outside the town in the icy tundra, the potential suspects are numerous.

Uncut Darkness

In this entry to the series, we get to see more of what is outside the town. As they explore the caves, so does the reader. You’ll understand the title, A Darkness Absolute. It’s suspenseful, with tension arising from several directions.

The Sheriff and the detective make a likable couple, both with strong and stubborn personalities. Yet they are willing to let the other respond as they should. As they get to know more about each other, that trust builds. The dialogue is well done, defining their growing feelings. It’s handled well.

All round, another very enjoyable book in the Casey Duncan series. Fallen Prey will be released in February, 2018. It will be a preorder for me. Hope you will try out this exciting series.  It’s bound to be a bestseller!

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