CyberStorm, by Matthew Mather

Matthew Mather’s Bestseller

What makes the novel, CyberStorm, so frightening?  The fact that is seems so realistic? Maybe because of the locale of New York City with its crowds and rush? Perhaps because of the routine things, the details, that are found wanting? Could be it is because we all know it is so possible.

Whatever the reason this particular near future event struck me as startling and scary.  Author Matthew Mather has written an excellent ’speculative fiction’ tale that will probably have you rushing to the grocery store for supplies.

The Story

In a suspicious climate between nations, a cyber attack hits the United States. First signs are a slow internet, then power outages. We are there with one family, then with one building in the heart of New York City.

It is enough to imagine the effect of no power and no internet on a city that size where so many people are packed into high-rises and cramped city streets. Now add an extreme blizzard. You can imagine, but when you read the book, you will be there, feeling it.

Would you be ready? Will many in the City? The story surely brings to light the need for it. In case of any variety of disasters. Yet it’s easy to put off storing up supplies, heat, water, food.

It was intense, even in quieter moments. The setting, the characters—Mike Mitchell, his wife Laura in their faltering relationship, their close friends—lifesavers at that, the cyber attack, the other friends and foes. What happens next goes well beyond what I might have imagined.

What is the Truth?

Perceptions are often drawn from expectations. Lack of information was one surprising issue. What actually happened? Rumors of bombs, a killer flu, cyber hackers, war threats from credible nations…and no word from our own government.

In a way that keeps the reader turning each page, CyberStorm paints a stark picture of potential realities one might face. Along with the fear it also demonstrates the resiliency and determination most of humanity has to remain strong and honorable in bad times.

The differences those in a big city would find compared to people living in smaller towns seems enormous.

I found it very effective and well written, all the way to a surprising conclusion. The entire book leaves me thoughtful. Maintaining humanity, preparedness, survival are just a few of those thoughts. It’s a book I will listen to again. I chose the audio version of CyberStorm, through Audible. Narrated by Tom Taylorson, I highly recommend it. He was great with the varying voices and with the tension building throughout. You can listen to a sample of the audio here.

Do read the book and see what you think. Would you be prepared?

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