Come Sundown, By Nora Roberts

Romantic Suspense in Beautiful Montana

Nora Roberts is back with her long awaited stand alone novel, Come Sundown. Set in Montana, near Missoula, offers the first appeal. It is such a beautiful state. Add in a horse ranch and resort, and you can imagine both the peace and the excitement.

Lastly comes the characters, from charming to strong and likable to the villains of the story who are the opposite. It makes for a terrific read and no doubt, a bestseller for Ms. Roberts.

The 90’s

It all begins with a young woman named Alice returning home after running away three years before. She never makes it there.

Decades later….

Bodine Longbow runs her family ranch resort, quite successfully. Over 30,000 acres, the working horse ranch and the resort both offer a variety of activities that are continuing to grow. Sure, there are problems, but generations of her family still thrive on the Montana ranch.

Callen Skinner used to live next door, on land now owned by Bodine’s family. Now he’s returned home after a career handing horses for the film industry. Working as a ranch manager, he can handle most anything thrown at him.

The story flashes back to the 1990’s and back to the present, showing us the life of the kidnapped woman, the ranch and a growing heat between the Callen and Bodine. The supporting characters are an important part of that story, whether family, employees, friends. You will picture each one, see the ranch in your mind, while you enjoy the Montana setting.


Until one of their employees is killed.

With Callen as a suspect, the police investigating, the challenges of running the resort, there is still one more shock for the family. Her missing aunt Alice has been found.

It’s a shocking yet finally a hopeful story. Alice can barely explain what she has gone through. You will feel a full range of emotions in her story.

The twists the book contain, the interwoven pasts between Callen, Bodine, Alice, the other long time residents of the area. The whole story keeps you wanting more!

The Author

One of the pleasures of Ms. Roberts’ novels is the way they incorporate several different relationships and parts of a story into one. In this case we have the past, a dreadful struggle, a romance between Bodine and Callen, plus another potential one, a family hurt by a child who ran away, and murder. Bringing it altogether into a solid, entertaining story is one of the author’s fortes.

Nora Roberts also has a way with dialogue between characters. She gives it a natural flow, accentuated by the narrator of any audio book. Come Sundown reflects that. Entertaining flirting, serious family discussions, thoughts of the injured victim… whatever the discussion, it is smoothly done without any stilted conversation.

In Audio

For this book, the narrator is Elizabeth Rodgers. I enjoyed her voice. Not only is she easy to listen to, she does well with both male and female voices. The characters are well distinguished. Bodine and Callen are very likable too. Both are strong personalities, smart and able. Everything to make for an enjoyable romantic suspense.

I hope you will listen to a sample here on Audible. It is a fantastic book to listen to in audio.

Either way, you won’t want to miss this one!

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