Collared, by David Rosenfelt

Should Andy Carpenter Renew His Law License?

Yes!  Definitely. Please.

It seems with every addition to David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series, I find myself saying “…This is my favorite…” I freely admit to being crazy about every one of the books in his series.

After waiting far too long for Collared (Book 16), it was an exciting day when my preordered audiobook appeared the morning of its release. Now I’ve already listened to it twice. Did I mention that Mr. Rosenfelt’s books are excellent for multiple reads? Mystery, humor, and dogs. Can’t get much better than that.

I’m sure the books are entertaining to read as well, but once you listen to Grover Gardner as Andy Carpenter, you have to hear more. His narration, sarcasm included, is spot on.

This entry may be one of the funniest books in the series. Especially Andy’s co-attorney, Hike. The book will keep you smiling and laughing throughout. At the same time, a very unusual mystery is there, putting Andy in danger as he defends his client.

The Team

The supporting cast of David’s series brings so much to the novel as well.

  • Tara, of course, world’s best golden retriever and thoughtful listener
  • Laurie, wife and former police detective
  • Marcus, investigator and  bodyguard
  • Sam, accountant and very discreet hacker
  • Edna, personal assistant and crossword puzzle contestant
  • and more, including police detective and a newspaper editor

Their interaction is always appreciated, both by Andy and the readers. Naturally a variety of dogs make an appearance in each of the novels, some who even become the client.

The Story

When a dog is left tied to the door of the Tara foundation, Andy receives a call that will unfortunately require him to take on still another case. Once the dog rescue Tara Foundation scans the dog for a microchip, they learn the dog was owned by someone very well known. Actually much of the country knows of the owner. A few years back that dog was kidnapped along with a baby, never recovered–and a man was convicted of the crime, his guilt now very much in question. Definitely a case for our favorite reluctant attorney, Andy Carpenter.

You will find Collared is a complex mystery that will have you puzzled right up to a startling ending. Especially since wherever Andy goes, a dead body seems to turn up. At the same time you will be grinning, chuckling and laughing out loud at the humor included.

The Audio Version

Please listen to a sample of the audiobook here.  Narrator, Grover Gardner, is one of the best matches you will find for a character.   After a few minutes of listening, you will be captivated by both author and narrator.

Always a favorite! Now wondering when Book 17 might appear. Hope our wait is short.

Oh, by the way, each book is a stand alone, but you will want to read/listen to the entire series. The first is Open and Shut. You won’t want to miss it. Learn how Andy became the reluctant attorney he is today.

You can read more of my reviews of David Rosenfelt’s series at Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine and here at Mystery Suspense Reviews.

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