City of The Lost, by Kelley Armstrong

Hiding Off The Grid

Rockton is a town built in the middle of isolated Ontario, Canada. Purposely since it is a town designed for people who want or need to disappear.

In Audio

Of course, since Terese Plummer narrates, I was inclined to enjoy the audio version to begin with. She’s been a favorite narrator for many years. She is fantastic at voice variations, including the well done voices for each of the men in the story. You will enjoy it if you grab a copy from Audible. Listen to a sample here.

That said, this book is a wonderful find!  Great plot, characters, setting, and writing all combine to a new favorite series for me.

Casey Duncan, a young Chicago police detective and her best friend, Diane, have one thing in common. Both were victims of an attack.

Both have good reason to flee and to hide. Yet the leaders in Rockton still don’t want to accept them. Except for a murder. Casey’s detective skills become the reason they are allowed to come to the town.

She is not welcomed. The sheriff doesn’t want her there. He controls everyone and everything and considers her unfit to be in Rockton.  What can you expect in a town like this?  Still her main goal is to protect her friend.

How do you solve a murder when most of the residents aren’t who they say they are? When the body count increases, the sheriff must decide if he trusts Casey enough to share what he knows. Their relationship, at first adversarial, then much more, adds to the story. The connection between them is developed gradually and realistically.

Twists, Turns, and Shocks

I couldn’t stop listening to this one. Kelley Armstrong has written an exciting twisting plot that moves quickly and ably. Such intriguing characters you will grow to enjoy. A solid twisty story will not only hold your interest, but insist you continue listening.

The mysterious forest and the isolated setting almost become characters themselves. Icy cold weather, blizzard condition snow storms, the beauty of the territory come to life. Descriptions are so well done so that you will feel the tension along with the cold.

Then there is the forest nearby that is forbidden to the town’s population. What secret does it hold that makes it so dangerous?What does one expect in a place where everyone has come to escape?

Casey Duncan’s  Story Continues

Happily, it is only the first in the Casey Duncan series. City of The Lost was such an entertaining listen that the next book, A Darkness Absolute, is now in my library awaiting a listen. Love the premise of a collection of flawed characters starting over, remaking their lives. There are so many possibilities for a continuing series. It is one I will be following.

It’s highly recommended! Give it a try.

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