Cinders of Castlerea, By Pamela Q Fernandez

Drawn by Fire

Castlerea, a small town in Ireland, is the locale for Pamela Q Fernandez’ debut novel. The picture she creates makes me wish I could visit. Add in the fun (though hard work) of fixing up a worn out cottage and you have a setting that draws you into the mysterious path of the two main characters.

Anika Bassein accepts the offer of a job that includes free housing in Castlerea. Since her mother died in the fire that destroyed her families B&B, she’s been in need of a new life for herself.

Charles Killbrooke is on a search of his own. Since his fiancé was killed in a fire there in the small town, he has been searching for the person responsible for her death.

Connected by Fire

Fire has brought both together, drawn to each other, in spite of their secrets. As they try to find answers though, someone else will do anything to stop their hunt. Who in the small Irish village is free of guilt?

Castlerea contained solid steps in the mystery; Murders filled with revenge and obsession taken from the past to the present. The harm done that can last through time.

At times Anika and Charles seems to act and speak out of character. One moment unable to cope with anything, the next taking on an old cottage and garden with aplomb. start. Yet as in many novels, they grow on you as the story progresses.

All in all the book was an entertaining story that kept me curious to the end. The story takes several dramatic twists reflecting how often people connect unexpectedly.

An enjoyable read.



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