Cash City, by Jonathan Fredrick

Terrific Debut Novel from Jonathan Fredrick

Nick Mallick is coming back to life. After his son was murdered it cost him his job on the police force , his marriage, and nearly his sanity. Now a private investigator in Cain City, West Virginia, he is  getting by.

Hired to find a missing woman he turns to the police officers assigned to the case. Before he gets much further, a body is found.

When he learns of a connection between the missing woman and a dangerous new gang called ‘cash city,’ he knows his investigation must go much deeper. This new gang insists on participation. Refusal is not an option, at least if you want to stay alive. The gang not only controls the drugs there, but some of law enforcement as well. The question becomes who he can trust—if anyone.

From Audible

I’m so glad I got this book in audio from Audible. Cash City comes to life with narration by Ari Fliakos. His excellent voice suits the mood of the story as well as the main character. Fantastic variation with many unique chararacters. It’s so well done, you will feel transported to each scene right along with him.

The characters are well developed as well.  You feel you know Nick well, faults and all.  His tragedy makes him more likable still.  The book is tightly written without rabbit trails. It stays focused on the search, with lots of action and tension.

Following along with Nick, clue by clue, through the danger,  you will be pleased to see how the story concludes.  Once again, the narration is so good you can’t help but be involved.  Here’s a sample so you can listen for yourself.

Surprisingly, this is Mr. Fredrick’s debut novel. Very well done! I’ll be looking forward to reading more from this fine author. Hopefully character Nick Mallick will be back too. Have to say, I’ll be looking for more books narrated by Ari Fliakos too.

If you like a solid mystery, don’t miss this one!


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