Breach of Power, by Chuck Barrett

Jake Pendleton Returns in “Breach of Power”


World War II Era Germany:

A man flees into the ice and snow to keep one woman from getting a small book he conceals.

Current day:

A powerful senator is filmed abusing an orphan child.

Ashley Reagan, climbing in Germany discovers an ice cave, a man frozen in the ice deep within the cave. Held tightly in his coat is a small journal.

The Assignment

Jake Pendleton and partner Francesca Catanzaro work for Commonwealth Consultants. Their secretive firm handles problems. Especially problems difficult for the government, including those at the very top. When called to a secret meeting with the President of the United States, Jake is nevertheless startled to learn the reason.

Mr Barrett has a talent for revealing numerous clues that seem totally unrelated.  He shows us every step, seemingly disconnected, like the old woman who wants what belongs to her, the assassin, willing to take out anyone in her way. The disturbing video that has the power to change the rules. Then the surprise entry of a young woman seeking a different prize.  In well plotted fashion, the action keeps up nearly non-stop.

In the middle of it all are Jake and Francesca, whose goal is to protect the president at all costs. But from what?  What secret does the journal hold?  Why are so many willing to kill for what is inside?

Jake knows there are things that have been kept from him. He suspects both the President and his own boss are withholding information that would help him find the journal. Still, he must race across the world, chasing after the woman who holds the answers. He’s up against strong opponents this time.

It’s a fast paced thriller that moves along rapidly. Following The Toymaker, you might expect more enticing gadgetry but Jake’s skills, learned from the military and beyond, may prove the most important this time.

Each of the author’s books has been impressive. This one might be my favorite. You can click these links to read my review of The Toymaker  and Disruption.  Mr. Barrett is now on my ‘auto-buy’ list.

In Audio

I’ve listened to this series, with audiobooks from audible. Narration is on the mark. Popular narrator, Scott Brick, is great, as always. He reads so well, with mystery and certainty built in where needed. Love his voice. When he is narrating it is another plus added in my decision to purchase any audiobook. Be sure to listen to a sample of the audio here.

Don’t miss this one!  Each is easily a stand alone, but you might enjoy reading the entire series in order.  You won’t be disappointed.

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