The Atwelle Confession, By Joel Gordonson

Murder, Then and Now

In a story that begins centuries in the past, murder and mystery come back to haunt the present In The Atwelle Confession. Will solving those long ago deaths give answers to why people dying now?


Father Regis is in the process of building the church in Atwelle that will serve his community for generations to come. Difficulties arise partway through that slow his determined progress. Funds are short, even among his richest parishioners.

Politics invaded even then, with the conflict between King Henry, insisting on an annulment from wife, Catherine. The Pope, unwilling to grant it, faces penalties for every church in his realm.

All while Father Regis just wants to finish the building of his church. What lengths will he go to to accomplish his goal?


Don Whitby is an architect preparing to repair the old church. Margeaux Wood is an historian there to study its unusual contents. Both find more than expected; a missing priest, a dead body, a church–and its remaining priests–mysterious on their own.

Suspense grows when Don and Margeaux discover disturbing carvings while inspecting the the ceiling beams: a frightening gargoyle carved into the top, then on another beam. With each carving they reveal is another unpleasant scene below the evil face. Scenes depicting horrible deaths. Discovering how and why they are there becomes a race for answers before something even worse happens.

Crossing The Generations

With brief chapters, alternating between 1532 and 2017, the reader is given clues to both the past and the present. At times I wished we could stay in one time or the other a little longer, but it definitely increases the tension, knowing danger was eminent.

With each gargoyle found, the fear grows, with murders seem similar to those from the past. The frightening impressions of the dark church at night, the mystery of most of the characters made for a very suspenseful read.

The story kept me guessing right up to a shocking conclusion. It’s a twist I didn’t see coming. Will you? Altogether a pleasure to read!

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher, agent or author. So glad I did. It’s a terrific story of intrigue, then and now.

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About The Author

Joel Gordonson is the author of The Atwelle Confession (On Sale September 19, 2017) and That Boy from Nazareth: The Coming of Age of Jesus of Nazareth. Along with being a novelist, he is a successful international attorney. With law degrees in the United States and from the University of Cambridge, he has published scholarly works in legal publications while writing fiction on the side.

In addition to writing, he has done extensive public speaking including decades of appellate arguments, seminars, speeches, and media appearances. “Home” is divided between the Pacific Northwest and Southern California.

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