The Assassin’s Trail, by J. C. Fields

Politics over The People?

Two wealthy businessmen have been murdered. When a third is killed, Detective Ryan Clark calls in a friend with the FBI, Sean Kruger.

No sooner on the case, high level officials in Washington call the case solved and shut down the investigation.

Both Clark and Kruger can’t believe it, especially since their investigation appears to lead to a terrorist attack. How could anyone ignore their findings?

The Investigation Won’t Stop

Special Agent Sean Kruger has been questioning his entire career choice since the events that happened in the first book of the series (The Fugitive’s Trail). Now in love, discouraged with the political side of law enforcement, he may be ready for a change. His desire for a solid relationship overhangs his assignment throughout the book as he weighs his choices. Nevertheless, when he is needed on this assignment, he is there. It’s simply too important.

With the help of Clark and his high tech genius friend, J.R. Diminski, he is determined to discover what is behind the deaths, even after he is removed from the case.

There is far more at stake than a person’s career. It could cost the lives of thousands. The time of the attack draws closer and closer while the team continues to hunt. It leads to an exciting finish that will have you wondering if there will be a career or even a future for Sean Kroger.

Paul J McSorley narrates both books in the series with a voice that provides the tension in the story. There were a few times I wish he would read a little faster—anxious to find out what would happen next, but his voice suits the seriousness of the story. You can listen to a sample here.

The Sean Kruger series will be a good one to follow. Since this is only the second book in the series, I would recommend you start with The Fugitive’s Trail, so you will learn the connections of the characters right from the beginning. Even though The Assassin’s Trail can easily be a stand alone, you’ll enjoy the background, and the suspense found in book one.

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